Notre Dame University of Namur may have found the miracle that its leaders were praying for past spring. Through a transformer pivot to online and graduate education, the university can remain open for the foreseeable future.

Just 10 months ago, the future of the Private Roman Catholic University was more bleak. Undergraduate admissions was stopped after years of decreased registration and enrollment income. The members of the Faculty and experts in Higher Education agreed that it seemed that Notre Dame de Namur was addressed to a closure within several years. But Dan Carey, interim president of the University, said in March that he was still looking for a potential intervention. On Monday, he said that he had found one.

The University will come out of its undergraduate programs and focus solely on online graduated education. You can also offer students' end programs for students with associate titles. While college can celebrate some classes in person, most teaching will take place online, which frees the university's operating budget significantly and can help stabilize your finances.

The new plan of transformation of the university is not a silver bullet. . The creation of a successful online program will require more cash than the university by hand, and stand out in an online education market increasingly full of people will also have work. Carey knows that the long-term future of the University is not guaranteed.

"I do not know what will happen with Covid-19 and the new variants that come out, and what is going to happen with our economy," said Carey. "It is possible that we do not do it, but we believe that it is worth the risk and we are gathering the right people to give it a chance to this."

The Carey ad was welcome to the faculty members, said Vince Fitzgerald, president of the Department of English and President of the General Assembly of the University Faculty.

"We are all grateful to the Board of Trustees and the Sisters of Notre Dame to believe in the future of the University," he said. "We have a tradition of 170 years, so they are showing their willingness to keep that tradition alive."

The optimistic summary of Fitzgerald of the response of the Faculty is a marked change of past spring, when he called the decision to stop admitting to university students an "Execution Stay" at an inevitable closure . At that time, the faculty also called several university leaders to resign, but they excluded Carey.

In the months, since Carey has built confidence among the members of the University Faculty, Fitzgerald said.

"" Dan Carey has shown the willingness to incorporate voices from the faculty into this process of transformation, "he said." I think it has earned our trust in its leadership. "

The University did not announce any additional dismissals or changes in personnel along with the news of becoming an online graduate institution, but it is possible up to 50 percent of the staff members could be left to go, said Carey. What members of The faculty is retained will depend on which courses will offer the university, and the details are still working?

"It is likely that there may not be space in the short term for full-time English teachers, so my time At the university you can come to an end, "said Fitzgerald.

Notre Dame de Namur is not the first Roman Catholic University for pivoting graduated education in an effort to remain open. Marygrove College in Detroit cut his undergraduate programs in 2018 years later Of the years decreased registration and financial instability. It was changed to offer seven bachelor's and professionals programs.

The movement did not establish an optimistic precedent for the graduate strategy. Marygrove closed in 2019 after graduate teaching programs, once it was based on attracting students to languish when public schools no longer require teachers to have master's degrees.

but notre dame de namur has a shot, said Michael Horn, C

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