The Concordia University System must be prepared for another closure. Concordia College New York, a small Lute-Up Liberal Arts University in Bronxville, NY, will close this summer, announced on Thursday.

Iona College, a private Roman Catholic institution at nearby New Rochelle, NY, will buy the campus of Concordia. The two universities are also developing a teaching plan for Concord students to complete their titles in Iona.

The decision to close Concordia was before vacalemic, said John Nunes, his president.

"The two roads that the financially challenged institutions come down are the nearby precipitated: 'UPS, we were left without money and now we have to close', or, the long, persistent and thread existence," he said Nunes "In January, our board decided that they did not want to lower any of those two ways."

The closing announcement of Concorda leaves only six institutions in the University System of Concord. He began to shrink eight years ago, when the University of Concordia Ann Arbor was annexed by Concordia University Wisconsin in 2013. Five years later, Concord College in Alabama, a historically black university, closed due to the fall of inscriptions and debt of mounting. University of Concordia in Portland, ORE., Announced in February that would close, citing a challenging and changing higher education landscape.

Concordia College New York, as the three institutions that were closed before, faced an increase in financing. The pressure as a tuition discount rates and the operating expenses continue to increase. He has been heated for decades; In 1987, its accreditor, the Middle State Commission on higher education, said that the finances of the institution were "precarious," Nunes said. The original buildings of the University, designed by Edward Lippincott Tilton, which helped to design the island of Ellis, are old and need maintenance.

Registration has fluctuated enough in Concord in recent years. The university received 780 undergraduate students in the autumn of 2020, but only 580 are enrolled in this spring. The Covid-19 cut the inscription of Concordia Concordia almost halfway. The College enrolled 1,269 undergraduate students in the autumn 2019 and 1,302 students in the spring 2020.

Many Concord students are the first generation and the lowest socio-economic background, Nunes said. When the pandemic hit, a few students left to help their families.

"Service workers, restaurant workers, hotel workers, that sector was really beaten in the pandemic, and those are the families of our students," Nunes said. "Many of those students had to return to work, and many of them had to find ways to support their families or join the survival efforts of their families."

The student body of Concordia is 42 percent of white, 17 percent Hispanic or Latin, 11 percent black or African-American and 5 percent Asian, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Most students, 63 percent come from within the State of New York. The school is very diverse compared to other Lutheran schools, Nunes said.

"One of the heartbreaking things for me is that we are the most diverse Lutheran school," he said. "I think it's a great loss for the church in many ways because of that, because the lutherans are not very diverse."

The university had already taken a significant debt in an attempt to stay alive, Nunes said. But without a viable route forward, the plate opted to reduce operations before it looks forced into a precipitous closure.

"They decided that surviving is not enough," Nunes said.

iona will buy the 33-acre campus of Concordia, which is only three miles away. The two universities continue to work a binding agreement, and neither of them would disclose how much money the campus will probably be sold. Ion can use the campus to build a home for your health science programs, but the plans for the campus are still in the works, said Seamus Carey, President

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