When the Biden administration appointed Suzanne Goldberg, a law professor at Columbia University and the Superior University Administrator, to supervise civil rights in the US Department of Education. UU last week, Some advocates of civil rights believed that it pointed out a new era of federal protections for LGBTQ students and a renaissance of policies that require universities to respond and prevent sexual assault on campus.

Survivors of the campus assault, which saw regulatory protections created by the Obama administration eliminated by the Trump administration, were optimistic that under President Biden, could expect his colleges to be responsible for investigating immediately His assault complaints and punishing those responsible for sexual misconduct.

Expectations have been complicated. The appointment of Goldberg as an undersecretary of action for the Civil Rights Office, the agency that oversees the implementation of Title IX, the law that prohibits sexual discrimination in federally financed institutions, has some ancient Columbia students and survivors of sexual assault. They review their tumultuous history as executive vice president. of university life, a work she did since 2015 until last week. The position covered student issues and disciplinary processes, diversity and inclusion, and Title IX policies. The former students say they were not well taken care of by Goldberg; Now they are questioning the fitness of it for the role of government.

For these students, the former campus activists with the sexual assault prevention group without red tape, seeing Goldberg ascending the high ranks of the Federal Government renewed their indignation on what they describe as evil management of Columbia's sexual assault complaints. .

Amelia Roskin-Frazee, a former Columbia student, said Goldberg supervised the "problematic" policies that were unjust, and did not manage to protect, survivors of sexual assault and LGBTQ students in particular.

ROSKIN-FRAZEE was part of a group of students who protested in Goldberg while teaching a kind of law in 2017.

"She was a main figure for trauma and emotional damage And the work we had to undo in Columbia, "said Roskin-Frazee, who recently resolved a lawsuit against university administrators who claim the administrators, including Goldberg, did not act on his assault reported.

Someone Ser Queer does not automatically make them an activist. Someone who is a woman does not automatically makes them a feminist. Someone who is a lawyer does not automatically mean following the law. - Amelia Roskin-Frazee (@aroskinfrazee) January 20, 2021

"on paper" Goldberg seems to be a great selection for a civil rights position in the department, especially considering his promotion on behalf of the community LGBTQ, said Roskin-Frazee, who identifies himself as weird. But the experiences that she and other survivors lived through college show him the opposite, she said.

Goldberg sympathizers paint a different image of it. They describe it as "bright" and insist that it is "ideal" for work. They pointed out the experience of it as a university manager and a long legal career as a champion for the LGBTQ people, who started approximately three decades ago in the legal Defense and education for Lambda Legad, the Legal Defense Organization asiera for LGBTQ . Goldberg identifies as a lesbian, and the cases in which she worked for the cemented organization in LGBTQ Law Protections that were nonexistent at that time, said Jenny Pizer, law and director of Legal Lambda policies and a friend of Goldberg.

Goldberg worked in one of the first cases that established asylum protections for LGBTQ facing persecution in their countries of origin due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, and it helped solidify the rights of LGBTQ people in national associations, such as their capacity. To receive benefits of medical care through the employer of a spouse, Pizer SA


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