Growing up in a small town near Trenton, N.J., Ewan Johnson said there were birthday when his mother could not afford to buy gifts for him and his sister, but she did it better when baking cookies. There were times when he worked overtime at work of him helping people with disabilities.

"I come from a low economic fund. Go to the university was literally, my only way out," says Johnson.

But as many students, said Johnson, the maximum in the Pell subsidies he received was not enough to pay the expenses of life and tuition and tariffs at University of Temple, where he obtained a Bachelor of Strategic communications and political sciences.

took out the limit of $ 31,000 on federal loans that are allowed, an amount that will "mean that I can not afford to live alone for at least another 10 years," when it is 34. and still It was short more than $ 100,000.

"I could not have been able to go to college if my mom did not get the loans for Plus parents," he said, referring to the federal program.

The Johnsons are not alone. According to researchers, the cost of higher education has raised the total amount given by parents to pay for the university of their children at about $ 30 billion in recent years.

While there is a limit of how much students you can borrow to control the amount of debt with which they are loaded, there is not such a hat for parents.

Johnson's mother owes her $ 150,000.

Little discussed in the debate on cancellation Student debt is the impact it would have on about three million parents, many of whom, according to a study, are seeing their savings. They are also turning off retirement and increasingly breaking up the loans they took out so that their children could go to college.

that canceling the student debt would help the parents, as well as their children is not explicit at the proposal of the President Biden of LOP $ 10,000 of the balance of all student loans. A spokesman for the Biden Transition Team did not respond when asked if he would include the first of $ 100 billion parents on more parents' loans.

, but when a member of the president's transition team told reporters last week to ask Congress to forgive the $ 10,000 in debt by all borrowers, "presumably, it also includes all loans Federal ", including those of the parents, said Cody Hounanian, program director for the student debt crisis, one of several defense groups that press the widespread cancellation of the student debt.

Senators Democratic Chuck Schumer in New York, who directs the Senate, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, have asked to cancel $ 50,000 debt. A spokesman for Warren said she would also include canceling the debt of parents.

Wider questions

However, the debate about whether canceling the loans deleted by the parents reflects the broader questions about debt cancellation. To be sure, it would be a relief for low-income families, many of them minorities, who are struggling with paying the necessary loans to fill a vacuum to give college. But student debt researchers point out that it would mean alleviating billions of dollars in debt from those who might not need help.

Most of the most borrowers are white, according to the studies, and one third of them makes more than $ 100,000 per year.

On one side of the argument are those like Johnson and Jason Wozniak, now an assistant professor in the philosophy and history of higher education at West Chester University. The cost of going to college has increased so dramatically in recent years as Johnson's parents and Wozniak had no choice but to unrend.

Wozniak said that his father was a school teacher in Chicago, and his mother worked. as a secretary.

"I came from a low middle class family," he said. His family did too much for him and his sister qualify for Pell grants. But even if they had gotten the fin.


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