Springer is investigating the allegations of plagiarism of "middle school" against an editor of one of his magazines. In a strange story, the editor is accused of working with a couple of researchers who finally took out their role of consideration, and then Publishing much of that document, named himself and a judge withdrawn Arizona without records of academic publication as the only. co-author.

Amy Barnhorst, Vice President of Psychiatry at the University of California, Davis, shared how the story began in a twitter thread this week. She and then she discussed him in an interview with the inside ED. Barnhorst did not name the magazine in question, saying that she did not want "Dox" to the parties involved. But the retraction clock (with the help of the scientific integrity consultant ELISABETH BIK) reported that it is the Springer health service psychiatry newspaper. The editor in question is Gary R. Venenbos, a professor emeritus of clinical psychology at the University of Bergen in Norway, who worked as an editor at the American Psychological Association until 2015.

1 / I arrived at a new academic landmark last week when I read an article Published on the suicide of firearms and I realized that it was my writing of my colleague. Except that the authors in the newspaper were these other two types we do not know ... - Amy Barnhorst, MD (@amybarnhorst) January 25, 2021

Springer did not play the allegation and a spokesman said for Email, "We will take the necessary measures, as appropriate, once an investigation is completed on these concerns, and may provide updated information at that time." None of the editors of the magazine, including its editor in chief, responded to a request for comments through the magazine website.

almost a year ago, Barnhorst and a colleague that she has not publicly called sent a coated paper on how clinicians should talk with patients about firearms and suicide to the magazine. They began to correspond with vandenbos, said Barnhorst, but she began to advocate a more psychotherapeutic approach, while she and her co-author preferred a "very neutral, evidence-based", given that the issue is already loaded. Finally, Barnhorst and her couple told Vandenbos who were no longer interested in Publishing the newspaper of her with her diary. Barnhorst said she never discussed any possible collaboration or co-authorship with vandenbies, and she and her colleague planned in the publication elsewhere.

Then a few weeks ago, said Barnhorst, vandenbos (whom she did not see directly) sent it by email to share a Published document called "Collaborate with patients with patients with security of firearms in high-risk situations ".

6 / here is a photo of our draft in which I started to highlight in yellow for exact text and blue, for Quite close to us. I resigned after the second page. Most whites are information about our references, but they are reformulated slightly. pic.twitter.com/khns0gcgrw - Amy Barnhorst, MD (@amybarnhorst) January 25, 2021

"I thought you two might be interested in seeing what happened to us," Vandenbos wrote in The email, Barnhorst said. Confused, she first looked at the bibliography of the paper, which looked incredibly similar to his. She then agreed to the new article in its entirety and was surprised to find the first half was more than substantially similar to his, she said.

Barnhorst refused to share a copy of the original document, citing her's continued desire. She to Publish it. But she shared a screenshot on Twitter, showing clear parallels between the version thrown and Published. The unofficial analysis of Barnhorst, wrote on Twitter, was that "about 40% of it was literally from our draft, and 30% was the seventh grade level plagiarism: the 'big' change '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ' Almost half 'at '48%,' reorganize some clauses. You would be seriously expelled from high school because of this; it was not subtle. By the manna


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