Under pressure from students, Harvard University canceled a Course that was offered this semester in a controversial surveillance technique used in Springfield, Mass.

The technique is known as C3, or Continum of the criminal continuum. Policeman. These are citizens who work with the police to tear off crimes, and the significant reduction of crime in Springfield has been accredited. But his creation was in the military occupation of Iraq of the United States, and that is one of the reasons why the technique is controversial.

For some, this story reinforces the criticisms that the American police, especially in the communities of color, has become too militarized and violent. These criticisms were particularly resonant as a result of the national protests last summer after the police murders of George Floyd and other unarmed black citizens and the racial calculation that followed.

Frank Doyle, Dean of the John A. Paulson School of Harvard Dean. Engineering and Applied Sciences (Mares) wrote to students and faculty members at cancellation of the Course on Monday.

"In recent days, several concerns have been expressed online about a new Course-ENG-SCI 298R: Fusion of data in complex systems: a case study," he wrote. "I am writing to inform you that this Course will not be offered this semester. I want to assure the members of the Community of Seas that we are aware and take seriously, the concerns that some of you arise about the design and pedagogy of the Course proposed. We also seriously take our responsibility to protect the academic freedom of all members of the community. The process of approval of the seas Course under which new Courses are carried out before being added to the Course catalog to ensure that our curriculum is Align completely with the mission, vision and values ​​of the school. During the next few days, the Leadership of the Seas will undertake a review of our coursing approval policies and procedures to determine if there are opportunities to further strengthen that system " .

He did not mention a request, he started during the weekend, by student organizations that express "serious concerns" in the Course.

The wrath over the Course was reported for the first time by WGBH.

"The Course aims to participate in students' researchers will analyze the effectiveness of a domestic police technique, C3, modeling after counterinsurgency tactics (currency) used in the Iraq wars And Afghanistan, "says the petition. "As a graduate student and undergraduate of Harvard at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and in other departments, we have tombs concerns about the nature of this work, its academic legitimacy and ethical implications for marginalized communities around the world."

Among the concerns cited:

  • "Research at the heart of this Course, specifically the experimental use of C3, complies with ethical obligations to ensure that research does not harm human subjects in both human subjects, both nearby) Term?
  • "What urgent privacy concerns for Springfield residents are raised by the collection and use of a database of Gangs from Harvard University?
  • "How is the computational nature of the initiative performed? and the proposed Courses that naturalize the policies and practices that have had disparate impacts in the black and brown communities?
  • " The framing of the Course presents significant professional risks, but not recognized for students who can choose to enroll? "

    t The request continues to critice Kit Parker, the Tarr Family family of Bioengineering and Applied Physics , who was teaching the Course.

    "Professor Parker has little apparent fund in the fields of science or data surveillance, and his advertising by email the Course has not adequately focused forms in that surveillance and surveillance in the United States disproportionately affects black and brown communities, "said the petition." In the description of the Course catalog and email of Professor Parker, there is no analysis of Racism. Uctural, the political economy


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