University of Washington in St. Louis

  • Opeolu M. Adeoye, Emergency Medicine
  • David S. Ahn, Economics
  • Yin Cao, Surgery < / Li>
  • Katherine C. Fuh, Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Nicolae B. Gârleanu, Finance
  • Nupam P. Mahajan, Surgery
  • David J. Pagliarini, cellular biology and physiology
  • Linda J. Richards, neuroscience
  • Yong Wang, obstetrics and gynecology
  • Peng Yuan, cell biology and physiology
  • > Mohamed A. Zayed, surgery

    Williams College

  • Jeremy Cone, Psychology
  • Christine Delucia, History
  • Matthew Gibson, Economy
  • Lama Nassif, Comparative Literature
  • Christina Simko, Sociology
  • Owen Thompson, Economy
  • Emily Vasiliauskas, English
  • > Zachary Wadsworth, music
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    Image of  The Future of the Academic Conference
    The Future of the Academic Conference

    As universities and universities, academic associations had been waiting for something that resembled a normal academic year. That meant programming

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