Giving only one day from one day to the presidents of the Faculty Governance at their universities, the Kansas Council of Regents voted this week to allow the terminations and suspensions of emergency employees. The owner teachers are not an exception.

The nine voting regents approved temporary policy, which immediately enters immediately and expires at the end of 2022.

"In light of extreme financial pressures placed on the State Universities Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the decrease in the program and the college enrollment, and state tax problems, "Any employee, including one with tenure, can be suspended, dismissed or finished with employment due to its respective university," The policy says.

Previously, state institutions had to follow a specific process to declare the financial requirement to spilling professors brought for budgetary reasons. This is consistent with the standards established by the American Association of University Teachers. Now until the end of next year, it is not necessary to declare the requirement. Universities only have to develop a policy framework for the Board to approve. No PR Objectives of existing campus policy audiences should apply to these personnel decisions, either.

The six state universities of Kansas are being reel out of a proposal by Governor Laura Kelly to Slash State Financing to Higher Education in 2022. State universities face 5.5 percent budget cut. This would be the most important cut since 2009, the President of the University of the State of Kansas, Richard Meyers, wrote on a campus note this week.

"The current fiscal year has been difficult, since we are in the middle of a tightening of the belt. Unlike anyone in recent history," Meyers said. "We have seen budgetary reductions, permits and dismissals as the income decreased precipitously and the costs increased due to the pandemic. The full impacts continue to be seated throughout the university."

Even in the midst of these difficulties, it is not clear for the faculty members exactly what, or who, is promoting the momentum so that it is easier to get rid of the owner teachers.

Not all institutions plan to suspend their processes typical of personnel. Jeffery Morris, spokesman for Kansas State, said on Thursday that this institution does not have "non-plans to use this option and will continue to address budgetary problems through the Government Model in existing policies." Kansas State will continue to work together with our teachers and staff members to go through this difficult time and emerge as a stronger university, "he added.

Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn, Associate Professor of Music in Wichita State University and President of the Presidents of the Senate of the Faculty for all the institutions of the Regents, said: "I think some executives considered that they needed it , but I do not agree in disagreement that they need it. "

While the budget the topics were "certainly amplified by Covid for some universities," he said, "It's about years of decreasing state support [for higher education]. And maybe not so, as Great financial management of the institutions that put them in this position, although that is speculative. "

These comments ECHO Warnings from the Groups of Teachers that some institutions would try to suspend the normal procedures of shared governance in the name of Covid-19 to address long-term problems. The AAUD is currently investigating what has been called the "crisis in academic governance that has occurred as a result of the Covid-19 pandemia" in a series of individual campuses.

Originally, the regents proposed the new policy as ending this December. But citing the uncertain economic environment and the current pandemic, the regents modify the policy before voting to extend it another year, until December 2022.

Sternfeld-Dunn said she hoped that the Campus Governance organs in Kansas will begin to speak. About the changes. She said she has been told that Wichita State does not plan to use this tool to deal with budget problems in the next year. A spokesman for Wichita S

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