Joe Biden entered the White House this week with high and extensive expectations of higher education leaders, the advocates of survivors of sexual violence and students of how their new administration will require that universities will handle and reduce the Sexual assault on college campuses.

In addition to addressing public health and the economic consequences of the pandemic, supporting the ongoing movement for social justice and equity for black Americans, and trying to unite a politically polarized population, President Biden He has also promised to strengthen Title IX, the law that prohibits sexual discrimination in institutions financed with federal funds, which requires how universities should respond to student reports of sexual misconduct.

through the time of him as a senator and vice president, violence against women and the prevalence of sexual. The assault has remained a "signature problem" and something that is deeply concerned about the president, "said Shep Melnick, Professor of Political Science in Boston Colleg. E and Author The transformation of Title IX: Regulation of gender equality in education (Brookings, 2018).

MELNICK noted that Biden was an "important factor" in the emphasis of Obama administration in the reduction of the sexual assault on campus. As vice president during that eight-year period, biden He led the administration in the US campaign. UU and visited universities to promote awareness about the problem and advocate prevention strategies, such as spectators' intervention, or encourage students, particularly to the Young men, to intervene. When they see a classmate in a dangerous situation. He wrote the violence of the 1990 violence against women, who aimed at protecting women from Gende Violence RO

Aya Gruber, professor of law at the University of Colorado, Boulder, who writes about feminism and the criminal justice system. , he remembered when Biden said: "If a man raised his hand to a woman, you had the job of kicking the living shit of him," during an event of the White House, promoting the participation of men in the fight against sexual assault of the campus.

Protect women and punish strongly those who commit sexual violence is "part of the biden brand," Gruber said. The last positions of rhetoric and politics of it in the sexual assault of the campus offer an idea of ​​how the Biden Department of Education will address the issue. Until now, he has committed to "immediately", put an end to Title IX regulations issued by the Former Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, which dramatically changed how universities respond to accusations of sexual misconduct.

Devos regulations were incessantly criticized and challenged before the Court by defenders of the survivors of sexual assault, who assumed with the mandates so that universities require students who are opposite parts in cases of behavior Abuse sexual. . Regulations also exclude sexual misconduct that occurs on the supervision campus under Title IX and apply a more limited definition of sexual harassment.

Several groups and organizations of women who support the rights of survivors, such as the defense group. IX, you want the Devos regulations to be going. They say that students who are sexually assaulted or harassed are improved in the direction of Title IX 2011 issued by the Obama administration, when institutions were advised to investigate and award all reports of sexual misconduct ", regardless of where it happened The conduct". The guide, commonly known as the estimated colleague letter of 2011, said that a single incident of sexual harassment could cause Title IX investigation and that institutions should use a preponderance of the evidence standard by determining the fault of a student or member of the staff.

Devos resciated by the 2011 guide during the first months of it as Secretary of Education in 2017. Biden is committed to restore it. It's plan to address violence against women published online says the administration of it.

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