U.S. Department of Education announces to Biden-Harris appointed January 21, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, Press@ed.gov
  • Washington - Today, the US Department of Education UU announced high political appointments that will lead several parts of the agency. These diverse and achieved persons will take a large amount of knowledge and experience to the agency and work to quickly promote key education priorities for Biden-Harris administration.

    Sheila Nix, Chief of Staff Sheila Nix comes to the Department of Education after leading the Filanthropies of Tusk. She has almost three decades of leadership in political, international and innovative non-profit operations. She recently worked on the biden for the president's campaign as a senior advisor, Sen. Kamala Harris. During the second Mandate of Obama / Biden, Nix served as Head of Dr. Jill Biden and as an assistant attached to President Obama. In that position, she coordinated politics and communications for signing efforts that serve veterans, teachers, students and women and girls around the world. Nix also served as Personnel Chief and then Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama / Biden 2012 campaign. She has helped to develop policies on education, medical care and transport as Deputy Governor of Illinois and as head of staff to two US Senators . UU In addition, Nix served as the Executive Director of the US Executive Campaign She has a bachelor's degree at the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of the University of Creighton.

    Claudia Chávez, Casa Blanca Link Claudia Chávez more recently served as a member of the Review Team of Education Agency for Biden-Harris Transition and in the Biden for the campaign of the President as Deputy Director of the Midwest. Before joining the Biden campaign, Chávez celebrated different positions with the Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel, including the Deputy Director of Legislative and Government Affairs. Chávez is a native Illinois and graduated from the State University of Illinois.

    Suzanne Goldberg, Deputy Secretary of Strategic Operations and Dissemination, Civil Rights Office (serving as Secretary of Assistant Assistant) Suzanne Goldberg previously served as an inaugural Vice President of the University of the University at the University of Columbia and the Clinical Professor of Law and Director of Law of the School of Law of Law School and the Gender Law Clinic of the School of Law of Columbia, and co-director of the Center for Genre and Sexuality Law. Before Columbia, she was at the Faculty of Rutgers-Newark Law School and a member of the Associate Faculty at Fordham Law School. Goldberg began her legal career as a personnel lawyer with legal Lambda, working in a variety of LGBT law reform and legislative initiatives and public policies.

    Ian Rosenblum, Deputy Secretary of Policy and Programs, Primary Office and Secondary Education (serving as Assistant Secretary of Action), Ian Rosenblum, served more recently as founding executive director of education (ED) Trust-New York, a policy organization and defense throughout the state committed to educational equity. Before leading Ed Trust-NY, Rosenblum served in Administrations of Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo and former Governor Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell.

    Emma Leheny, Deputy General Lawyer, Office of the General Council (serving as a general lawyer of action) Emma Leheny joins the Administration of Biden-Harris of the National Education Association (NEA), where He played in the Office of the General Council. Before that, she was a major advice from the California Teacher Association (Association). Before joining the Association in 2010, Leheny practiced the Law of Education, labor and work work for a decade in a California law firm, where she got up to associate. Graduated from Brown University and the Northeast Law School, Leheny began her career as a judicial employee for Honorable Warren J


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