The Department of Education said on Wednesday night that, at President Joe Biden's request, he continues to offer student loan borrowers a break to make his monthly payments for another nine months, until September 30. The Student Aid Website of the Department was also updated A Reflection La Pause had spread. The department said that the order came from Phil Rosenfelt, who was appointed Secretary of Education acted. However, the defense groups for the borrowers urged him to go further.

"Borrowers of all ages often face a difficult compensation between making their student loan payments, investing in their long-term financial future, or paying their accounts. The pandemic has only increased the Economic difficulty of the millions of Americans who have student debt, "Biden said in an executive order that issued after having sworn in President.

The movement was expected after David Kamin, who will be Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, told reporters on January 11. Biden would continue the pause, which was due to staying on February 1. Kamin, however, did not say that the lengths of the borrowers would give them a break of having to pay.

The Movement is the latest extension borrowers who have obtained to resume payments after the former Trump President in August grant him a moratorium until the end of last year. With the borrowers facing the possibility of having to make payments again, the Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, on December 6, extended the moratorium until February 1.

However, others, such as the new leader of the majority of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, a Democrat of New York, and Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic Senator of Massachusetts, have asked Biden to go further to the Cancel $ 50,000 of the debt of all student loan borrowers and overlook the Congress acting through an executive order.

On Wednesday, the defense groups praised the pause, but they continued to press for more. "This is a first critical step to help millions of fighters," said Mike Calhoun, president of the Responsible Loan Center, but added: "We hope that the administration consider the cancellation of the Board, which can provide families a path towards equity and financial breakthrough. "

Aaron Aent, who served as Head of Staff of the General Council of the Department of Education in the Administration of Obama and now heads the Defense Group of Student Defense, also called Biden and his candidate for the Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, to go further.

Student defense has asked Biden to take other movements through executive action, including the cancellation of student loans for the disabled borrowers and those who had been defined by schools for profit.

"President Biden and Dr. Cardona will have the power to take immediate measures to provide tangible benefits for millions of student loan borrowers, and to revitalize the approach of the Department. Ent Powers to seal predatory schools" , said the Aent in a statement.

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