The President Biden on his first day at the office on Wednesday proposed an immigration bill that presents a path to the citizens for undocumented immigrants and makes dreamers, young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, immediately Eligible for green cards.

He also signed a memorandum that directs the Secretary of National Security to take measures aimed at "preserving and fortify" the deferred action program for the arrivals of childhood (DACA). A separate executive order repealed a controversial travel prohibition policy established by Former Trump President who banned nationals from a group of majority Muslim and African countries to enter the United States.

Higher education groups praised the reversal of the prohibition, which initially caused chaos in higher education, since students and academics affiliated with US institutions were braided abroad. In the almost four years since the travel ban was established, one week after the opening of Trump, many higher officials have argued that politics sent a non-cozy message to students and academics around the world.

Higher education groups also welcomed Biden's renewed commitment to protect the DACA program, which provides protection against deportation and work authorization to certain dreamers, a group that includes many current college students and young students. The Trump administration repeatedly tried to the DACA, but finally it was blocked in the Supreme Court.

"We applaud the President Biden for acting quickly to protect the deferred action for children's arrivals (DACA) and propose the legislation that permanent and dreamy program eligible for citizenship," said Ted Mitchell, Chairman of the American Council of Education, he said in a statement.

"We are pleased that the biden administration is also acting to correct a series of wrong immigration and visa policies, many of which affected international students and fed the perception that the United States no longer receives Welcome students from all over the world, "said Mitchell. "Trees the so-called 'Muslim travel tray' is an example, and we hope that the new administration will take additional measures to safeguard the state of our country as the destination of choice for more talented international students and academics."

International education observers breathed a sigh of relief after Biden victory in the presidential elections and would assume that it would restore the policies of the Trump era, widely considered in the sector as of immigrants and International students and academics. Many people believe that TRUMP's policies and rhetoric have been a contributing factor in decreasing in new international students who come to the US. UU that began in academic year 2016-17.

In particular, the administration of triumph did not end a proposed rule before the end of Trump's term that would have fundamentally changed how students' visas are granted, which requires students to apply every two or four years. The universities had been widely opposed to the proposed rule, which was introduced in September.

"On the one hand, you can say that they have run out of time," said Miriam Feldblum, the Executive Director of the Presidents Alliance in Higher Education and Immigration, an association of university leaders focused on politics of immigration "You can also say that we had a good victory there. The colleges and universities were part of the reason why there were 30,000 more comments" on the proposed rule after they were published in the Federal Register. "We make it clear that this was a line that we did not want them to cross."

feldblum noticed other victories for higher education during Trump administration. She cited the preservation of optional practical training, a program that allows international students to remain and work in the United States after graduating and that was widely seen as threats during Trump's presidency. She also cited several colleges of victories in Co

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