In a report of the White House of the 11th hour, the administration that coined the term "alternative facts" says that they are academics that have kidnapped the truth about the history of the United States.

Historians, in turn, they generally agree that the report: published by the Presidential Advisory Commission 1776 - It is garbage. The document lacks appointments, does not entirely mention the Native Americans, greatly traffic in the "values" Americans at the expense of the objective truths and the bemoans, the "radicalization of US policy" of the 1960s in ahead.

less clear to historians Is it how much of an impact will the report on culture already divided and challenged by facts will have?

David Blight, Professor of Sterling History of American History at Yale University, said academic historians, "even those with conservative instincts, will discredit this report when prompted. We value research, the Facts, the evidence and then the interpretation and debate above the ideology. At least most of us do it. "

beyond Academe, Blight said he was hoping that the report" I had very little durable power. " But even when President Trump is about to leave the office, he said: "Trumpism is not going to go", and the report gives his supporters a "documentary calling card" in the form of an official home publication of the house White

Ultimately, he said, the impact of the real world of the report depends on "what makes Fox News and other right means of right do it with him. It is cleaned with the trumpy lies that are put for public use ".

Lindsay Stallones Marshall, the postdoctoral partner of the Chancellor in the American Indian studies at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, said that he did not expect the Incoming Biden Administration to continue the Commission or who pay attention to his I work in any way. However, the "credibility" of the Administration of Trump Fourth to such "radical views, anti-finalete of the education of the History of the USA UU, will support the efforts to instill this type of propaganda in the disguise of the reform of the Education of history ".

TRUMP, who has attacked the New York Times' "1619 project" to highlight the role of slavery in the history of the United States, began to talk about the need for "patriotic education" in September. He formally formed the Presidential Adviser Committee 1776 by Executive Order in November, to counteract a "Radicalized Vision of American History" that "lacks perspective, darkens the virtues, the tours of the reasons, ignores or distorts the facts and magnifies the failures, resulting in that the truth is hidden and disfigured history. "

Hillsdale College, a conservative and politically aspirational institution in Michigan with Baptist roots, announced in mid-December that Trump had appointed Its president, Larry P. Arnn, president of the commission of 1776. Matthew Spalding, Dean of the Graduate School of Graduate of Van Andel de Hillsdale in Washington, was appointed executive director of the Commission.

"The 1776 committee was formed to advise the President on the fundamental principles of the American Foundation and how to protect these principles through the promotion of patriotic education," Spalding, who said goodbye to the absence of Hillsdale For the paper, he said at that moment. "The way to a renewed and safe national unit is through a rediscovery of our shared identity rooted in those principles. It is an honor that is entrusted to the Commission."

The Commission, which included Not a single professional historian, had to be up to a year to complete the report. But he published his report on the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, early months.

It is not clear if the launch was exhausted on vacation or if the report was simply pushed before Trump left the office this week. The speech "that I have a dream" of King is coming in the report, but some of its other public statements are included, without context, in support of the Commission's opinion that the "Identity Policy divides the Americans to place them perpetually in conflict with each other. "

The report says that D

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