The US Department of Education UU Last week published details about how much money, thousands of colleges and universities are receiving from $ 21.2 billion in Emergency Funds Covid-19 signed in law at the end of December.

In total, around $ 20.5 billion goes to public and non-profit colleges and universities. Another $ 681 million are flowing for for-profit institutions, or owners. The money for public and non-profit institutions is divided between the funding reserved for grants and funding from students who can go to other institutional costs such as lost income or pay the technology used in distance education. Institutions for the purpose of lights should use the money for financial aid grants for students.

The exact formula to determine the amounts of payment is based on the relative actions of students who receive federal pee grants, which are often used as a proxy. For the low-income state. A significant warning: The amounts listed below may not be the final assignments that receive certain universities or universities. Those who had to pay a special tax on large amounts of investment income, the so-called provision tax, could have their amounts of payment.

This money comes after a previous round of stimulus funds announced in the spring.

Find an error next? Email [Protected Email]. The original and uncured lists of the allocation amounts are available here for for-profit institutions and here for public and non-profit institutions.

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