Private universities and universities are dismayed that the elected president Joe Biden could let most of them be obtaining additional help in the Relief Package in Coronavirus that will propose on Wednesday.

causing the concern is that they were not mentioned in a fact sheet, Biden launched on Thursday about the $ 1.9 billion plan, including the $ 35 billion of additional relief for public schools and universities and the Private universities who meet minority students.

"President-Elect's plan will ensure that universities have critical resources to implement public health protocols, execute distance learning plans and provide emergency grants to students who need," said the fact sheet. "These $ 35 billion in funds will be directed to public institutions, including community colleges, as well as historically black public and private universities and other minor service institutions."

The National Association of Independent Schools and Universities and the Association of American Universities said they have reached the administration of Biden requesting a clarification. A spokesman for the Biden Transition Team has not responded to several consultations seeking clarification since Thursday.

"NaICU is very disappointed that most of the private colleges and universities of the nation, non-profit were excluded from the Biden Plan," said Barbara Mistick, president of the group that represents private institutions , non profit. "The Global Pandemic of Coronavirus has indiscriminately impacted all sectors of our nation, including private, non-profit,, non-profit virus, does not distinguish among the types of schools and not our unified national struggle against this disease."

While public universities applauded Biden for proposing additional funds, they said even more. Combined with the $ 21.2 billion in the December Relief Package, the additional $ 35 billion would not have the $ 120 billion associations that represent public and private universities have said they need it. "We hope to see the details of the proposal in the coming days and encourage the consideration of additional resources for both the institutions and the avant-garde research, many of them continue on behalf of the Americans," Association of Public and Lands -burt Universities President Peter McPherson said in a statement last week.

The advocates of student loan borrowers were disappointed, the scheme of the Coronavirus relief package did not include a great cancellation of the student debt.

On Saturday, the staff head of the incoming White House, Ron Klain reiterated in a memo to others in the superior staff of Biden that the administration plans to continue the moratorium on the borrowers of student loans to make payments Beyond January 30. The note described a series of executive orders. The administration will be issued by assuming the position, including joining the agreement with the Paris Climate and will reverse the Travel Prohibition of President Trump in predominantly Muslim countries, which opposes Col Leges.

While applauding Biden for proposing additional help to the help of Coronavirus, Ashley Harrington, Federal Defense Director for the Responsible Loan Center, called the Proposal "is not enough, including the people who weighed through the Student debt ".

DACA Students

Meanwhile, there was controversy on the release of the $ 22.1 billion education department's release of education in the Coronavirus relief package approved by the Congress and signed by President Trump last month.

According to a recording of a meeting last Thursday between the main official leaders and higher education, non-American citizens, including so-called dreams and international students, are not eligible for emergency grants created for college students In the last round of funds, after the department also denied subsidies in the past spring care.

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