Two Iowa institutions announced on Tuesday will form a public-private alliance that will promote the transfer of students and aim to promote registration in both institutions.

Iowa Wesleyan University, an institution of private liberal arts in Mount Pleasant, and Southase Community College, a two-year public university in West Burlington, will form the Higher Education Alliance in Southeast Iowa. The alliance will work As an independent non-profit organization.

The two institutions will continue to operate independently and maintain their own meetings, leadership, employees and programming. The presidents in both hope, the alliance will create an easy transfer trajectory from Southeast to Wesleyan, which are only five minutes away on foot.

"We have talked a lot about the use of the language with students who will say" SCC students can think of coming to the other campus in Iowa Wesleyan to pursue their degree, "said Christine Plunkett, president of Iowa Wesleyan , during a press conference online on Tuesday.

The universities will share some income, but exactly what money will change your hands, and how much you are working, said Plunkett. Southeastern Community College is committed to providing a Little scholarship money for students who transfer to Iowa Wesleyan to complete their undergraduate degrees. Iowa Wesleyan will finance the Administrative Budget for the Alliance.

The Alliance will be governed by a six-member Board that includes To a member of the Board of each institution, Plunkett, the Southeast president Michael Ash and two additional members. Each participating institution will appoint one of the additional members.

A A position as a student activities coordinator is currently open in both institutions, and are considering hiring a single person to fill the role of both campuses. The alliance will probably result in additional contracting, as well as some work deletions in Wesleyan, Plunkett said.

"We have had several positions that will probably be deleted during the next year," she said. "Those individuals have received an advanced notification of 12 months that there will be a gradual elimination of those roles."

Southeast does not anticipate any important change in the staff, Ash said.

The increase in registration in both schools is one of the main objectives of the Alliance. Southeast enrollment has declined steadily over the last decade, falling from about almost 2,700 full-time undergraduate students in 2010 to 1,775 in 2018.

Iowa Wesleyan registration has increased slowly in the last years. This fall, the University had 729 students, their highest head account since 2011.

But the University has not recovered the registration of past height transfer students. In 2010, the school enrolled more than 300 transfer students, Plunkett said. The transfer registration collapsed after the University joined NCAA Division III in 2011 and has lasked since then.

"Our registration of transfer students turned off significantly because they no longer offering athletic scholarships," Plunkett said. The University plans to leave the NCAA and reincorporate the National Athletics Association Intercollegiate this summer, and has already seen a significant update in the interests of the transfer students as a result. NAIA is a collegiate athletic conference for small universities, and allows participating universities to offer athletic scholarships, regardless of the division.

Interest in association models

The new alliance of Iowa Wesleyan and Southeastern is not the first partnership between a private university and public institutions in Iowa. The University of Clarke announced the year Past that would be associated with all community community colleges to create transfer roads.

plunkett said the registry, an organization that helps place interim presidents and university administrators, and it suggested it suggested to Wesleyan's. and the model of the southeast alliance for

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