U.S. The Department of Education Makes available to more than $ 21 billion in taxpayers' Funds to support continuing education at universities, universities January 14, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576 , Press@ed.gov
  • Washington - The Department of Education USA UU announced today that now is an additional $ 21.2 billion to higher education institutions (IHES) to serve students and ensure that learning continues during the Covid-19 pandemic. This financing is assigned to the Higher Education Emergency Aid Fund (HEERF II) by the Coronavirus (CRRSAA) Supplementary Assignment Act, which was signed by law by President Donald J. TRUMP on December 27 2020.

    The CRRSAA assigned $ 82 billion for education, and the Department has made available all $ 1.9 billion of this funding in the 18 days since the law was enacted. Earlier this year, former Secretary Devos immediately provided $ 30.75 billion for education through the Coronavirus Aid, Recovery and Safety Act (Cuidres).

    Today announcement gives $ 20.5 billion to public and non-profit colleges and universities and $ 681 million to owner schools. Public and non-profit schools can use their prizes for financial aid grants to students, student support activities and to cover a variety of institutional costs, including lost income, reimbursement of expenses already incurred, costs Technology associated with a transition to distance education, faculty and trained personnel, and payroll. Owner schools should use their prizes exclusively to provide financial aid grants to students.

    "The department is working quickly, once again, to guarantee a Covid relief funded by the taxpayers assigned by Congress reaches those who need it most. It would promote the leaders of our education institutions higher than use this financing as the former EE Secretary of Education UU Betsy Devos suggested during the first round of relief, to support students who combine financially as a result of this pandemic and to build it and distance learning capacity for The future, "said the secretary of the US Secretariat. UU Education Dr. Mitchell" Mick "ZAIS.

    Assignments to institutions are based on a formula that includes the relative actions of federal beneficiaries of the GEAT subsidy, the relative actions of the non-Pell grant and the relative actions of relative shares Of the federal recipients of Pell and No Pell, they enrolled exclusively in distance education before the Coronavirus emergency.

    CRRSAA continues to support the important work of addressing student unsatisfied needs by providing a minimum assembly of financing that each institution should devote to financial aid subsidies to students. In addition, Funds received for students enrolled exclusively in distance education and all Funds granted to patented institutions can be used only for financial aid grants to students. The small number of institutions that had a special tax on its endowments for the 2019 fiscal year will only be entitled to receive awards and should spend the vast majority in financial aid subsidies for students.

    Public and private non-profit prizes that have already approved ACT ACT Teerf Award should request a new or revised application to receive additional Funds under the CRRSAA. Non-profit and private feed that did not receive portions of Heerf student and / or institutional portion prizes under the Care Law, as well as patented institutions, can request funding under the CRRSAA through Grants.gov .

    The Department is also working on an expeditious way to assign the remaining Funds provided to IHES under the CRRSAA and provide details on how they can request eligible institutions for this additional emergency funding in the coming days.

    For more information about Heerf II and the CRRSAA, visit our website here.

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