Texas A & M University at the College Station discipline a teacher and finished another for the misconduct of the Classroom, after the investigations that originated with the complaints of speech against them.

Filipe Castro, Frederick R. Mayer Fellow II of nautical archeology, according to the records obtained by the records obtained by the records obtained by the records obtained by the records obtained by the Eagle. The University determined that Michael Alvard, the associate professor of anthropology that was censored, did not teach "impartially and respectfully".

Both teachers attracted attention last summer with his critique of the Long Data Statue of A & M. of a Confederate Army General, Lawrence Sullivan Ross. Alvard was arrested in June to cross a line the university established to separate the demonstrators against the statue of counterproteters who want the statue to remain, citing ROSS roles as a former Governor of Texas and president of the A & M precursor institution, The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.

Alvard said at the moment when the campus area between the two groups was public property, so he was not entering. Following the arrest of him, he wrote on Facebook that Texas A & M had allowed the white supremacists, Richard Spencer speak, still arrested a teacher during a peaceful protest.

"On what side are you?" Alvard wrote from college.

castro, who also supported the elimination of the statue, told a student newspaper of A & M: "Why do we want a statue that represents racism and exclusion and hatred? The statues are alone Artifacts, they are not history ... The story is in the library. If you really want to know the story of the Confederation, go to the library. "

Conservative websites have cataloged since some of the comments of Castro social networks are cataloged, including those who criticize President Trump and a Facebook position 2019 in which Castro complained about the "Ignorance militant" of the activists of unnamed political students ". Students should be encouraged to obtain their facts directly before their pastors and experts continue to distort them by political purposes," he wrote.

When someone else commented that these students needed a reeducation camp with red guards. , Castro answered: "I just gave me a great idea!"

He is also harshly criticized to Israel.

Last year, in response to a Facebook publication by the Palestine Project, a pro-Palestinian organization, for example, Castro wrote, "Racist, Savage Sraweeps. The same hatred as in South Africa in the decade of 1980. Animals. And if it can be more shocking, these breeders must know how it feels to be dehumanized, insulted, beaten, murdered for religious reasons. They should ask their grandparents how it felt persecuted. "

In August, the Board of Ruientes of Texas A & M published a statement by condemning "the recent vulgar, disrespectful and divisive language of some members of the faculty at Flagship University in Bryan-College."

In question, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education sent a letter to the university later that month, saying that, although "Castro's expression can be shocking or offensive for many, it does not fall into a category of discourse unprotected by the first amendment, which bars of Texas to punish it. "

Michael K. Young, president of A & M at that time, responded to the fire, saying the university "has a proud story of supporting freedom of expression on his campus" and he did not intend "to investigate or sanction Dr. Castro by protected speech. "

However, Young said that if he reveals the "Comment" field about the protected speech of Castro. "Potential misconduct in the workplace, the University has a duty to investigate the claim to determine whether Dr. Castro's behavior has violated the university rules".

In addition, Pamela R. Matthews, Dean of Liberal Art


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