University of Michigan Regent Ron Weiser faces the pressure of the students, the faculty and staff of the University to resign due to their associations with the Republican Party of Michigan and President Trump, as well as his lack of response to Non-Based Claims about Fraud in election 2020.

"The University of Michigan as the largest public university in the state of Michigan and one of the largest in the country long ago on how it supports students Color and how it acts as an important public institution, "said Amytess Girgis, a senior in Michigan, who organized a petition asking for the removal of Weiser. "So that it does not take a stand against one of its best administrators who complicates in the absolutely unacceptable event that took place last week is unacceptable to the members of the U of M community."

Weiser is the alleged incoming co-president of the Republican Party of Michigan and former Ambassador of the United States in Slovakia. It also became prior to the fundraising efforts of the Republican National Commission for the 2016 TRUMP elections. It was chosen for the role of State Voting Regent in 2016.

The request requires specifically with the negative From Weiser to condemn the role of Trump in inciting violence in the United States Capitol last week.

When asked by Bridge Magazine, if Trump is failing to incite the mafia at the Capitol, Weiser said: "I did not read anything about that," and said he was seeing a basketball game of Michigan that day. He later told Detroit's news that he had oral surgery during events.

"This answer is simply a continuation of Regent Weiser - incoming Co-Chair of the GOP Michigan and the former RNC fundraising coordinator for President Trump - refuse to condemn the indisputable ending in the back of violence Supremacist white, "says the petition.

The petition also accuses Weiser to be an accomplice in efforts to cancel elections 2020 based on discredited voter fraud claims. The co-chair of her incoming her in the Gop of Michigan helped organize the rally in the Capitol, but he has remained with her and said that she was not involved in any violence.

Ian Robinson, president of the Union of Teachers' professors in Michigan and Assistant Professor in Sociology, said it was the treatment of Weiser of the 2020 elections that was more concerning.

"For me, what is most important is Weiser's refusal to repudiate the mythology of a stolen choice," said Robinson, who supported the petition as an individual, since the Union still has to discuss it. "In an institution that represents the reason, the argument and the evidence ... we deserve to be led by people who believe in those values."

Weiser did not respond to an email requesting comment.

While the petition requires that the Regent Board, "remember" Weiser, Girgis said that the request is a pressure campaign rather than a true memory of citizens. (A true recovery request would require 25 percent of the people who voted in the 2020 elections as signatory and could not be presented through So far, around 4,400 have signed the petition online).

"Our main objective would ideally be for Weiser to admit that what he did was unacceptable and he resigned himself," said Girgis. "The next thing we hope to do is really see some specific and solid statements from the president and the other return". However, he is not off the table, he said a true demand for retirement in the future. .

The request is backed by several influential groups in the three Michigan campuses, including the organization of graduate employees, a union for graduate students who directed a strike last year against the response Covid-19 University.

Faculty and students have also signed a separate open letter directed directly from Weiser, calling him to renounce.

"We recognize that you were democratically elected to your position as a regent. We also recognize your right to look for the president of

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