The Civil Rights Office offers an annual report to the Congress that highlights the main milestones and achievements in the protection of students' Rights January 13, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202) 401- 1576,
  • Washington - Today , the Office of the US Department of Education. UU For civil Rights (OCR) achieved its annual report to the Secretary, the President and Congress for fiscal year 2020. The annual report summarizes the achievements of compliance and political priorities For fiscal year 2020 and highlights the significant progress made over the past four years of the TRUMP administration (2017-2020) in strengthening civil Rights compliance.

    OCR achieved historical results under the Former Betsy Devos Secretary of Education, who made an aggressive application of the civil Rights of students a highest priority. In the last four years, OCR has significantly resolved complaints with the change that the previous administration resolved during both terms. The notable achievements of FYS 2017-2020 include the following:

  • received a total of 44,979 complaints, but resolved a total of 52,700 complaints, more than 15,000 complaints rather than the previous administration resolved during its last four years, While the simultaneous creation Headway in the substantial backwardness of more than 10,000 complaints left by the previous administration.
  • resolved 6,018 complaints with change, more than 1,500 more resolved complaints with the change than the previous administration achieved during its last four years in the office.
  • started an unprecedented number of proactive research, with 748 proactive research initiated, more than three times the number initiated by the previous administration.
  • Resolved 413 Proactive investigations, with more than 310 of these resolutions achieved only in fiscal year 2020, representing 276 more proactive research resolutions than the previous administration reached in the eight years combined.

    In the FY 2020, OCR continued to drastically surpass the investigation of the complaint and the tax resolution rate of the previous administration while reducing the unconscious accumulation of the complaints of civil Rights inherited from that administration. OCR's work caused a timely and significant change in thousands of schools. As a result, fiscal year 2020 was the fourth consecutive fiscal year in which the number of case resolutions that exceeded the number of complaints were obtained.

    As a former Secretary of Devos previously declared, "in the last fiscal year, the US Department of the Office of Civil Rights of Education Based on the previous successes of the Trump administration to strengthen the Application of civil Rights, and alleviate unnecessary, outdated or ineffective regulatory burdens. In fiscal year 2020, OCR launched its third compliance initiative at the national level in three years and issued its historical title IX. Regulation to protect victims of sexual assault and guarantee due process Rights of all students on campus. The many achievements of OCR in 2020 and the previous years have cemented the legacy of this administration as one of tireless tireless and consistent for the students of the United States ".

    Undersecretary of action for civil Rights Kimberly M. Richey added: "I am proud of the progress we have made in Ensur income that the civil Rights of the nation's students apply vigorously and that the barriers prior to The resolution of cases have been significantly eliminated. Our annual report shows that OCR has not only operated more efficiently in the TRUMP administration, but has also achieved better results in general. Due to our work to reorient the OCR to its design Original as an impartial entity to enforce the law and move away from the activist interpretations of long-standing federal laws, we achieved historical resolution rates of complaints, greater compliance in schools and we saw long-standing policy changes oriented


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