Three things saved Morris Brown College, according to his president: God, Alumni and the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

After almost two decades in bankruptcy procedures, reconstructing a crumbling campus and looking for a new accreditor, Morris Brown may be back from the edge of the closure. The Transnational Association of Colleges and Christian Schools, a National Accreditation Agency, approved the application for accreditation from the University in November. Waiting for a successful visit of the site by the agency This month, the university will become an accreditation candidate after first losing its accreditation over 18 years ago.

The reacreditation could be a line of life for the university historically black. The Southern Association of Schools and Schools of the School Committee, the former accreditator of Morris Brown, eliminated the College of its Accreditation in 2002 after it was found that a former university president and financial aid director was mistakenly discovered the department's money of Education.

Without accreditation, Morris Brown no longer had access to federal funding, including federal student loans and Pell subsidies. The university had enrolled more than 2,000 students, but lost them quickly. Taking millions of dollars in debt, the school presented the protection of chapter 11 in 2012 and sold most of its campus in Atlanta.

In the last 19 years, the university never closed. He has operated as a shell of his own self, enrolling a few dozens of students each year and relies on volunteer students for the staff of their offices and maintaining the land. Some assume that the university is already closed; Google suggests that people seeking Morris Brown often also ask for "Morris Brown College still exists?"

When the president of the University, Kevin James, took the job, even his mother was surprised that Morris Brown was still working.

"I will never forget that my mother asked me," he said, "'How in the world is even the school still open?'"

'The university was in disorder '

James heard for the first time that the president's work was available on television a couple of years ago.

"My goal has always been to be a university president in a HBCU," James said. "I was sitting at home, and I was watching the news, and I saw that my predecessor had resigned. It took me a few seconds tell myself, 'Wow, I want to be the next president of Morris Brown College'". " < P> The University needed a new leadership, Bishop Reginald Jackson, president of the University said. Board of Trustees and Bishop of the Sixth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

"It did not make sense that it would have been so long and the university had not recovered its accreditation, "said Jackson.

About two years ago, he gave the board an ultimatum: if the university was not on a road to reacreditation by the end of the year , I would recommend it to the Atlanta North Georgia conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church - - The Sponsor of the Church of the University, who close Morris Brown.

The University had been pushing since 2002. That year, Dolores Cross, a former president of Morris B Rown, and Parvesh Singh, a former director of financial aid, were accused of falsifying data and collecting money from the US Department of Education. UU for students. That they were never enrolled in Morris Brown. The two ruled federal financing to operating expenses, such as payroll, which college was not gaining enough income to pay. They never used the money for their personal benefit.

SACSCOC released the accreditation of the university when he crossed and Singh were accused of embezzlement. The two were found guilty of the federal charges of fraud several years later. Singh was sentenced to five years of probation and 18 months of confinement at home. Cruz was sentenced to five years of probation and one year of confinement at home. He also agreed to pay $ 11,000 in restitution to the Department of Education.

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