Forming questions and criticism of its members, the American Political Science Association on Monday published an updated statement of the past week's attack of the Capitol. The affirmation apologizes for a previous statement of APSA that says public officials on "both sides" of the political division must do better. It also recognizes racial dynamics at stake on Wednesday and trumpy widely.

"should not give tolerance to insurgents and hatred and the lies that motivate them," says the new APSA shot, which is signed by Steven Rathgeb Smith, Executive Director and the three presidents, past. , current and chosen from the group.

The first non-signed statement of APSA, launched on Thursday, condemned "President Trump and legislators who have endorsed and disseminated fakes continuously., And that they have worked to cancel the results of the presidential elections." This was incontroverted among members. However, the statement praised the attempts of the Congress of "Reconciliation" to resume certification vote of the interrupted electoral university following the riot. APSA also applauded what he described as an "agreement of both parties to do better and work together to dismantle the system and structures that lead to damage."

Almost immediately after the publication, APSA members began to ask who drafted the first statement and who Approved it. Several members of the Governing Council have declared that the Agency was not consulted on the document.

Smith said Monday by email that the statements are designed in "Collaboration between the Personnel of the APSA and the Presidents APSA and / or the members of the Council. Most of the declarations do not go before the full council simply By the size of the Council. What happened on Wednesday was such an unforgivable tragedy in so many levels that we wanted to condemn quickly and clearly anything related to insurrection. Unfortunately, in our hurry, we chose the wrong words for the wrong time. "

on behalf of my political scientists, I took the freedom to point out a few of the defects in the "statement" of @papsatweets In the Insurrection in the Capitol of the USA UU Unfortunately, I had to reject the desk the handwritten - Tommaso Pavone (@tom_pavone) January 10, 2021

I am a member of the APSA Council. I am afraid to say this statement, which includes unfortunate phrase, 'both sides should do better' were not led by the Council and certainly I do not Approve this type of equivocal response. One side was responsible. - Ben W. Ansell (@benwansell) January 9, 2021

Who wrote this? Not really. I am asking. - Jennifer N. Victor (@jennifernvictor) January 9, 2021

Content-Wise, critics of the first statement, as said that a professional network of political scientists should not encourage reconciliation before the Accountability for the responsibility of the attack. Many also criticized APSA for using the term "both sides", reminiscent of Trump's sympathetic comments about Charlottesville's Far Right's Mobbing, VA., In 2017. Saying that "Both parties" need to do it better also allows you to do The FierceSt Defenders avoiding the responsibility of the fierce. For what happened last week, these scholars said.

Anna O. Law, Herbert Kurz Constitutional Rights President at Brooklyn College of The City University of New York, wrote about the APSA Political Science website ", this is a terrible weak tea statement And do not rise to the severity of the occasion. Is there no mention of the white supremacy or authoritarianism? It was a midwifery and a president who helped and crowded both. This is not an "both sides who need to work together" kind of situation "

By comparison, the law praised the statement of the American Historical Association on riots, which says, partly, "we deplore childhood

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