University and university leaders across the country responded to the violent chaos on the US Capitol Wednesday UU using unusually solid terms for higher education leaders. Many university presidents said they were saddened and frightened by the party's supporters of President Donald Trump assaulting the US Capitol. UU and condemned the actions of Rioters on Twitter and statements or emails to students and employees.

"I want to be clear: the assault of the Capitol complex is not simply an act of cheeky from a relatively small group of instigators. It is the direct result of a campaign to sow distrust in our democracy and annular A Choice that was made by all reasonable accounts. Free and just, "Price Vincent, president of Duke University in Durham, NC, said in an email to the campus. "These events become more shamened by their futility, they are based on falsehoods and conspiracies that have been rejected in local, state and federal courts across the country, and simply will not change the result of our democratic process."

The price said it was "shocked by and condemn" the level of violence by the springs and said it would not prevent Joe Biden's inauguration as president on January 20.

"In the coming days, I hope that our nation can pass beyond the odious, divisive and false rhetoric and meets to address the pressing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic," he wrote.

Mark Kennedy, president of the University of Colorado, who served in the House of Representatives of the USA UU from 2001 to 2007, as Republican Representative of Minnesota, he emphasized the importance of accepting the results of Each Choice.

"In Congress, I told me 'if you enter the Capitol and do not feel amazed and reverence, it's time to retire," he touted. "I never lost that feeling, I left when I lost a career from the United States, the electorate spoke, I heard. The lack of respect that is shown at the temple of our democracy is heartbreaking".

Several university presidents called the riots A state coup attempt.

"I can not believe that this coup attempt d'Etat?" David Wilson, president of Morgan State University, Tweeted.

"Law and order, on the right. SMH The president of the United States literally limited a political coup at the Capitol of our Nation. My Lord," A. Zachary Faison Jr., President of Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, Fla., Wrote on Twitter.

Like many people, the university leaders were glued to the news.

"I can not do any work since I see a mafia storm of the United States Capitol," Tuiteó John Comerford, president of the University of Otterbein at Westerville, Ohio. "This can not be our country."

"So much work to do to do it, I find myself frozen, looking at horror," said Paula Pando, President of Reynolds Community College at Richmond, Va., He said on Twitter.

Walter Kimbrough, president of the University of Dillard in New Orleans, compared the frenzy of Trump supporters to a drug addiction.

"Chuck D of the public enemy says that celebrity is the drug of Choice. In America. Trump and Trumpism is a drug. Too many republican elected officials and Fox's news experts were the drug traffickers. A part From America became addicted. The Biden Win began to cut the supply and today we saw these addicts to the congradens to keep him up, "Kimbrough wrote in an email. "America must now go to the rehabilitation of morality, ethics, truth and love".

Christopher Eisgruber, president of Princeton University in New Jersey, wrote a blog post about violence in the Capitol, the Constitution. and democracy, saying: "We must return to support and promulgate the basic practices and values ​​on which our democracy and freedom depend".

In addition to several other officials of the Trump administration, the Betsy Devos Secretary of Education requested an end to the riots in a statement published on Twitter on Wednesday night.

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