There is no shortage of lenses through which to examine the disturbances of the Capitol this week: Politics, History, Race, Gender, Economics, Media Studies and more. Perhaps the line through all these perspectives is education, and the liberal arts in particular. And many scholars say that education is in the heart of what went wrong in Washington, as well as the tunnel through which the United States can leave a dark place.

"If we needed a reminder of the fragility of our democracy, we have one," said Andrew Delbanco, president of the Teagle Foundation, which promotes the Education of Liberal Arts and the American Studies professor at Alexander Hamilton in The University of Columbia. "In the long run, the only force that democracy can save is an educated citizen: the educated citizens, that is, they know enough to resist the kind of lies and umbrelies that caused the current president and the enabling of him."

citing President Madison, who told Congress of the United States about 200 years ago that "only a well-educated people can be permanently a free people," said Delbanco, the idea is more true than ever .

'to the desperate need'

"The only protection against demagobueria is education," said Delbanco, not "ideological indoctrination, not technical training, but human education that helps People capture the experience of others different from themselves. "

This type of education has a name, Delbanco said: The Humanities.

Even though the humanities take repeatedly the humanities of some critics, Delbanco said that "it is not a luxury", but "desperate need".

Thursday at the beginning of the Association of American Colleges and Universities issued a statement by saying that its pro-liberal education mission assumed a new urgency after the capitol attack. "The task of an allying education to democracy is not simply helping students get knowledge and skills," said the group. "It is also to help students form heart and mind habits that free their thinking and equip them, and discard them, the creation of a more just and inclusive society through civic participation."

Lynn Pasquerellla, the president of AAC & U, then told him within the ED Superior that, if universities and universities must develop the "independent and critical thinkers needed to ensure that democracy is more That a tyranny of numbers, "must affirm that a liberal education helps students. Citizens: Discern the truth, recognize and digest the narrations, and promote "an understanding that the world is a collection of interdependent but inequitable systems," among other objectives.

If nothing else, Pasquerella said: "Current cultural wars have worked on the national scenario, they highlight the inextricable bond between a strong democracy and liberal education." Citing the economist's research Anthony P. Carnevale on the inverse relationship between liberal education and authoritarian trends, Pasquerella said that higher education must play a leadership role in facing the most pressing problems of the day. That requires that universities and universities serve as "anchor institutions", showing that their success is "interlaced with the economic, social, psychological, physical and educational well-being of the communities where they are and those who seek to serve".

At the same time, the historical mission of educating for democracy is being "challenged by attempts to reduce the value of a university education to employability" or "enrollment in exchange for jobs," pasquerellla added . "In the end, the question we face in the consequences of the riots of [Wednesday] is: 'What is the university?'"

Viji Sathy, Teaching Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, said Wednesday's riots are about "all levels" of education, due to lack of support and "constant erosion" of the increasing K-12 instruction. Teachers are undervalued, t


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