The democratic capture of the Senate, after sweeping two runoff elections in Georgia on Tuesday, increases the possibilities for Congress to take on the proposals of the incoming Biden Administration to reduce the cost of the University, in particular the increase of the Maximum size of pee grants.

But with the Democrats who hold only the greatest of the largest in the Senate, with the incoming vice president, Kamala Harris, who breaks a 50-50 tie in the camera, is not clear how far themes will go how to eliminate. Registration or cancellation of student debts, let's say advocates of higher education.

Winner After keeping a thin majority at home in November "it will change everything," said Terry Hartle, the senior lobby of higher education, as the American Council of Education. Senior Vice President of Government Relations. "But it will not guarantee anything."

For the new leader of the majority of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, to graze anything through the body, you will not be able to lose the support of any Democrat in an ideological. Diverse caucus ranging from progressives such as Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts' Elizabeth Warren to moderate as Joe Manchin, by West Virginia, or Jon Tester, by Montana.

Controlling the Senate means Senator Patty Murray, the Democrat of the State of Washington, will preside over the Education Committee and establish the agenda on topics of higher education. Most will also mean that the President-elect Joe Biden will have an easier time than will confirm the members of the cabinet, including the appointment of him for the Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, said Hartle.

still, he said: "The Democrats do not have a majority of work in the Senate, they can not continue unless everyone in the caucus, by Joe Manchin to Elizabeth Warren to Bernie Sanders, in agreement. Any objection Unique democratic would be a problem. "

Schumer, from New York, you will have to find a" balance, "said Beth Stein, head adviser to the Left-Inclinate Institute for University Access and Success and Exc Democratic lawyer on the Senate Education Committee.

I could weaken the biden proposals, such as the elimination of enrollment for all students in communal universities and historically black colleges and universities, as well as for students in public institutions of higher education whose families They earn less than $ 125,000.

A series of complex policy questions must still be ironed that could lead to at least one senator who opposes any proposal, Hartle said. As established by Biden during the campaign, the Plan would imply that the Federal Government helped States pay to eliminate enrollment in their colleges, a change from the current education financing system, which issues funds directly to institutions and students. The plan has also been criticized by sending more federal dollars to States as Vermont that now spends less in higher education and less for those like North Carolina who spend more.

Researchers at Georgetown University would estimate the proposal would cost $ 683 billion more than 11 years. However, during that time, researchers argued, more students would obtain university degrees with higher payment jobs, and the increase in taxes they would pay for the program. States are expected to be removed by a third of the cost at a time when many States are cutting budgets in the middle of the pandemic. At least, at least, the federal government may have to assume more than the cost, Stein said.

The disposal of the probable enrollment that the Senate would not have been considered by the Senate, had maintained the control of the Republicans, said Morley Winograd, president of the campaign. For the free university. A senior member at the Communication Leadership and Communication Policy of the University of Southern California, he was a high-level policy adviser to Vice President Al Gore.

The biden-free enrollment proposal will probably be considered by the Democratic Senate. But moderate democrats could hinder the cost of doing two and

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