University and university leaders extensively condemned the United States Wednesday's assault on Wednesday. UU Capitol. But in a handful of cases, the words that they did not say could have been stronger than those who did.

Leaders in some universities that gave Trump a platform in higher education when he was executed for the first time for president. -Jump with the legitimacy in the conservative Christian movement that helped him boost him under him, he initially did not say anything at all.

Especially, the president of the University of Liberty, Jerry Expense, did not issue any statement on Wednesday. Liberty, located in Lynchburg, Va., He gave Trump a prominent platform at the beginning of his 2016 presidential campaign, and has appeared at the university several times, even talking at his start in 2017.

A spokesperson From freedom said the university was largely closed for Christmas holidays and pointed out the statements of the social networks of his Think Tank Falkirk Center, who asked for prayer and final violence. Then, on Thursday, the former president of Liberty, Jerry Falwell Jr., a key pattern of Trump, who was expelled from the presidency of freedom last year, said: "There is no way to defend the actions of those rioters" during A telephone interview with the interior of ED superior. . Shortly after, Previna, who was the chair of Liberty's Freedom Board before becoming its president, issued a statement that did not mention Trump.

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"While we cried the violence and destruction that developed before our eyes yesterday, let's look at the one who put the planets, in motion and holds the stars in their hands. He is still the prince of peace, And it's still Emmanuel, God with us, "he said. "Therefore, we always seek him with humbly on our knees together. God can pick up the pieces of our wound nation and cure us. He can renew our hearts and our love one on the other until we are again a nation under God and indivisible. He is our only true hope. "

Hillsdale College, whose president, Larry Arnn, the White House labeled last month to run a commission of 1776 on "Patriotic Education", had issued any statement on events in the Capitol through channels Public starting on Thursday afternoon. Hillsdale did not return the comments requests. The press release of it most recently was about the 1776 commission, declaring that, in addition to the participation of the RNNA, the Vice President of Washington, DC of Hillsdale, Washington, DC, was appointed Executive Director to lead the Commission.

Administrators in other conservative universities took different paths. The University of Bob Jones did not issue any statement, according to a spokesman. Pat Robertson, the founder, the Chancellor and the CEO of the University of Regent, approached the events at the Capitol at Club 700.

"There was a madness yesterday, and came to Donald Trump," he said At the beginning of the show. "And people had been waiting and waiting for him to have his own people in the Senate, all ready to fight for him. Congress was ready, Ted Cruz was ready, and what does Trump do crazy and he urges his Great crowd that came to Washington to support him to take a march in the Capitol. And suddenly, there may be some rings that also became that group, we do not know if there were also some people, but took over the Capitol, invaded the offices And they only did a horrible thing. And instead of supporting him, now the people who were all aligned to have a hearing in each of those voter fraud affirmations could not do anything, they could not wait to vote against him. "

Those comments were different in the style and substance of those issued by two universities who often found their names near Trump in the last four years. The president of the University of Notre Dame, the Reverend John I. Jenkins, made a starter.


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