Secretary of Education Betsy Devos resigned on Thursday night after the role of President Trump in promoting the assault of the Capitol by the protesters on Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal for the first time.

The department confirmed the resignation of it.

"We should be highlighting and celebrating the many achievements of Him Administration on behalf of the American people," she wrote in the letter of resignation to Trump, which was obtained inside ED Superior. "Instead, we are left to clean up the disaster caused by the violent demonstrators who cancel the Capitol of the USA. UU in an attempt to undermine the business of people. That behavior was unconscious for our country. The impact is not committed That your rhetoric had in the situation, and it is the turning point for me. "

"Impressive children are watching all this, and they are learning from us. I believe that each one of us we have a moral obligation to exercise a good judgment and model the behavior we expect to emulate. They must know that America is greater than he transpired yesterday. For that purpose, today I renounce from my position, as of Friday, January 8, in support of the oath that took our Constitution, our people and our freedoms. "

Devos is the second member of the cabinet for renunciation due to the violent rabado and wear of the Capitol by the protesters. The Secretary of Transport, Elaine Chao, resigned early Thursday, too, due to the role of Trump in instigating the protest.

Devos had firmly condemned violence on Wednesday at night as the Certified Congress the President-elect Joe Biden's election.

"You can not afford an angry mafia to attack our capitol and prevent this process," she said. "Interruptions and violence must end, the law must be confirmed, and the work of people must continue."

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