As the 2020 autumn sports season approaches most division I and Colleges programs cut the links with low-performance chief trainers, university employees who have been dismissed or abandoned are calling the leaders Institutional by paying millions of dollars to the exit coaches.

Employees, including faculty and staff members, say that payments are a difficult and insulting contrast with budget cuts made last year that fell to a large extent on employees whose profits were very Below the stratosphere of salaries of salaries of salaries of salaries of salaries of salaries coaches.

At the University of Arizona, the outgoing head coach, Kevin Sumlin, will receive up to $ 7.29 million, half of which will be paid on January 12, as stipulated in Sumlin's contract, The daily star of Arizona informed. . The University of Texas will spend around $ 24 million in total to rescind Tom Herman's contract, the former main football coach and to pay the attending coaches of him, according to Multiple media reports. Payments do not include the millions of dollars more, these universities will go by paying new soccer coaches.

months before the head coaches were ignited, some employees were told in the departments of the two universities of the two universities. It could not afford to pay due to the interruption of university sports and the resulting loss of income from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Texas athletics Fired from 35 staff members and eliminated 35 vacant positions around four months before separating positions. With Herman, said a launch of September 1 Chris del Conte, the Athletic Director of the University. Around 270 more staff members will have their salaries temporarily reduced until August 2021, as launching. Decisions were made to "ensure that our financial stability in the future" and to benefit the athletes, said of the Conte. A spokesman for the athletics department did not respond to comments requests.

"None of you has been easy, and we recognize the impact you have had in many and we regret it for that," said Del Conte. "But we also know that it is our responsibility to place Texas ATLETICS to remain solvent, constant and capable of performing at the highest level."

Coach payments have led criticism by defenders of college sports reform. University employees disillusioned are questioning the priorities of university leaders who would invest in football while leaving the livelihoods of staff members.

Anne Lewis, an executive member of the Executive Board of the Employees of Texas State, or Tseu, which represents employees. At the University of Texas, she said that the purchase of Herman was like a "slap in the face" to the college faculty and staff members who have seen dismissed co-workers or have had their own cut salaries.

Los Longhorns had seven victories and three losses during the 2020 season, a winning record, but in four seasons of Football Herman could not win a championship at the Great Conference 12, the Intercolegial League in which the college.

"That's this, it's gaining," Lewis said, Associate Professor of Practice in the Radio-Television-Film department at UT Austin, who spoke on behalf of Tseu. "We are losing things that are much more important than a soccer game, there are no number of victories in football games to compensate for the loss that the UT community is experiencing."

As Sumlin, the former Arizona soccer coach, wait for the purchase of it, Steve Kozachik and another 20 Arizona the athletics employees dismissed in November are sailing through an uncertain labor market and trying to find out how to cover Basic expenses.

Kozachik, who was associated Athletic Director of Installations and Capital Projects, said he is emotionally "injured" by the decision after 32 years in the department, but he will be well financially. However, some of the former colleagues of him are recent college graduates with student loans or who have young families to consider, Kozachik said,


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