All, but one of the 35 prisons of California offer associated transfer titles through local community colleges for imprisoned students.

Those students have been clamoring for opportunities to pursue a bachelor's degree while incringing, said Rebecca Silbert, Senior Director of the Rising Scholars Network, part of the Foundation for California Community Colleges.

Now, Pitzer College, one of the private liberal arts institutions that make up the Claremont universities, is offering a bachelor's degree in organizational studies through its program inside out.

Programs inside out bring students from a school ("outside" students) to a prison facility to be taught at tandem with imprisoned students ("inside" students ). Teachers should receive special training to teach this type of classes.

This will be the first inside program to offer a complete title, said Nigel Boyle, a Professor of Political Studies in Pitzer and director of her Institute. For global / local action and study.

The model allows Pitzer to offer free college courses, and now a title, imprisoned students without losing too much incomes, since teachers are teaching students who pay tuition at the same time. .

The university already offers unique entry courses. They are some of Pitzer's most popular courses, both among the members of the faculty and the students, said Boyle.

An imprisoned student had taken 11 courses inside out through Pitzer. Boyle realized it was time to go to the next step of formalizing a bachelor's track.

Pitzer worked with Norco College, a nearby community university, to create an oil pipeline for imprisoned students at the California Rehabilitation Center. Those who had already won Associate Titles and who were scheduled for its launch within 10 years may request the Pitzer program. Almost 20 applied, and 10 were chosen for the program. A student chose to pursue a different program that offers firefighters training, and another was transferred to a federal institution, so the first cohort has eight imprisoned students.

Damian Busby, 51, is one of the students imprisoned in the first cohort. It has earned six associated titles while in prison and hopes to obtain a title of terminal in mathematics or physics. The courses inside the Pitzer have given a feeling of belonging, BUSBY wrote to the interior of ED superior. Busby is an indigenous member of the Pine Ridge Reserve and always thought that her opportunities were limited, but now she feels safer to pursue her goals.

Reggie Bullock, 37, another imprisoned student, said education has been given. Your life that means. Bullock did not care before he lived or died, but now he thinks he can be an agent of change after obtaining a title, he wrote.

Several other imprisoned students wrote about the significant experiences they have in their courses, and how important the attention and attention they receive from teachers is.

"I do not think it's been the consistent focus of such precious care and resources," Yusef Pierce, 33 wrote. In addition to receiving time with teachers, imprisoned students also receive tutoring from those who work in the program.

Boyle believes that the entry barrier for this type of program is relatively low. The faculty is teaching classes that would normally do, only in a different environment with two different groups of students.

"There are other wonderful prison prisons, but require massive amounts of philanthropic support," he said. "This is something where other institutions, especially if they are willing to collaborate with each other, could really simply move here."

After completing this pilot, Pitzer will evaluate the program and choose whether you want to continue it. You can offer a title on a different topic, based on what imprisoned students are interested.

"We have taught everything from the dance to chemistry through inside," He sa

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