The authors of a widely criticized article about the alleged inconveniences of female mentoring in science retreated the document, a month after nature, communications said he was investigating how and why research was published first.

"We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists with an unwavering commitment to gender equity and a dedication to scientific integrity," the authors wrote in a warning of retraction on Monday. "Although we believe that all the key findings of the document with respect to co-authoring among Junior and Senior researchers remain valid, given the problems identified by reviewers on the validation of key measures, we have concluded that the most appropriate action course is Retract the article "."

The original article analyzed the connection between the genre of the Junior and Senior co-authors in the 100 years of scientific research and the appointment counts of the authors. The researchers noticed that Having more co-authors of seniors, a proxy for women's mentoring, was associated with a decrease in race citations, up to 35 percent, especially among female protections. So they came to the conclusion that "the opposite tolora of gender can really increase the impact of women seeking a scientific career. "

to reinforce his argument that co-authority is equal to informal tutoring, l Authors of controversial role surveyed a random sample of researchers from their data set. These scientists tended to agree that writing a document with a senior person amounted to tutoring.

The many critics of the article said it was a Flimflam premise, however. Among other concerns, argued that a question of launch paper about something as important as the value of women's tutoring should be rooted in a much firmer analysis.

Anonymous article reviewers marked these problems before publication. Nature Communications Green-lit the piece following some reviews, but the article still met with immediate resistance. Almost so fast, the magazine agreed to investigate.

Three experts reviewed the piece as part of that process. All agreed with the critics of the article.

As the authors explained in his retraction note, "the three independent experts commented on the validity of the approaches and the strength of the interpretation in the article. They supported previous criticisms in relation to the use of co- Authorship as a measure of tutoring. Therefore, any conclusion that can be drawn in biases in appointments in the context of co-authors can not be extended to informal academic tutoring. "

The co-authors of the article, Alshebli Bedroor, Talal Rahwan and Kinga Makovi, all do the research of Computational Social Sciences at the Abu Dhabi campus of the University of New York. Alshebli, an assistant professor, previously counted within ED Superior, "we emphasize that the elevation of women in science depends on the achievement of at least two objectives: retaining women in scientific careers, for which mentors are indispensable, As explicitly mentioned in our document, and maximizing the long-term impact of women at the Academy. "

In his retraction notification, Alshebli and his co-authors said that "many women have been extremely influential in our own careers, and express our firm solidarity and the support of the innumerable women who have been a force Promotive in scientific advance. We hope that the academic debate continues on how to achieve true equity in science, a debate that thrives in a solid and vivid scientific exchange ".

Some participants in the initial debate on the document accused their greatest critics of being uncomfortable with the findings. Those critics retreated, saying that there is a difference between the uncomfortable findings and an analysis of poor quality, even irresponsible.

In a separate publishing house published on Monday, the editors of nature communication made the retraction not to cover ugly truths. <

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