It is assumed that the contract negotiations between faculty members and administrations occur in silence, outside the public eye. But the union of the faculty for four state universities in Connecticut, says that their conversations have begun so badly that they should speak against the "draconian" proposals of the university system.

A draft contract placed by the University eliminates procedural protections with respect to academic freedom, terminations and reduction; ownership of the faculty of the original materials of the online course and the right to teach them; Conference funds, travel and research; Tenure committees of the whole university; and Privacy and Claim policies for personnel files.

The university system also wants to increase the 12-hour credit charges per semester to 15 and pilot by changing the academic calendar of two to three terms, with the faculty members required to teach by two terms of this type.

In an impressive proposal that apparently it was just a typographical error, the university system also sought to halve the value of the teaching or the contract time, from 1 hour of credit per hour, 0.5 credits . Hours per hour taught.

The Board of Regents for the University System and the University of the State of Connecticut did not confirm that the change of credit time was a typographical error, but the union of the faculty believes it was.

However, other proposals are still very real.


The Connecticut State University Association for University Teachers represents about 3,000 faculty members, librarians, counselors, coaches and coaches in the center, Eastern, Universities Connecticut south and western state state. The Union, which is affiliated with the American Association of University Teachers, broke its silence on the proposal on Monday, saying in a statement that public higher education in Connecticut "will be committed and the accreditation of the State University will be at risk because The proposals of BOR undermine the education we can provide. "

Systems and essential student support relationships are being" destroyed, "the union said, while" the lessons learned during the pandemic about the welfare of Students are not taken into account the proposals that would evise time and resources to meet the needs of students. ""

Funds are "displaced from the central mission of universities, since the [Board of Regents] continues to take the monks of students and audiences to build a top-heavy system that is unnecessary and beyond public control, "said the union." Attacks p Or the academic freedom and ability of the faculty to create and transmit new knowledge will not do anything to prepare students for a new post-pandemic world. "

Leigh Appleby, spokesman for the system office, said: "We do not negotiate in the press, we negotiate at the negotiating table." While people in Connecticut and throughout the country "continue their work and lines in our food pantries, it is unfortunate that some children, who not only have labor safety, but have received significant increases in each of the last two Years. - Golfly golfly instead of negotiating in good faith. "

Appleby said it's "sad that this group is more interested in writing press releases than in a productive conversation, our students, our institutions and, frankly, the members of the faculty represented by this unit of Negotiation deserve better ".

Patty O'Neill, president of the Union and Associate Professor of Psychology at Western Connecticut State University, counteracted that the "misrepresentation of our concerns shows how little higher education".

Members of the faculty at the Universities of the State of Connecticut are "committed to providing quality education that our students deserve and protect the future of higher education in Connecticut," she said.

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