A coronavirus relief package of $ 900 billion, which is expected that the Congress on Monday at night gives schools and universities another $ 23 billion in help of relief, which the Head of the American Council of Education was beaten as "totally inadequate".

Congress leaders are expected to pass a larger budget agreement of $ 1.4 billion traded to finance the government until next September. The proposed agreement would bring an additional $ 1 billion in spending on medical research, as well as important changes to financial aid, including the simplification of the free request for federal aid for students from 108 to 36 questions, and to offer the President of the Republican Education Committee, Lamar Alexander, one of its Top. Days of priorities before they are withdrawn from the congress. It also includes a series of democratic priorities, including allowing more imprisoned prisoners to be eligible for Pe Pell subsidies. President Trump is expected to firm both parties of the legislation

a change in how eligibility is determined for Peel Subsidies, it will also facilitate the minor income students receive the maximum amount of Federal Student Help. Alexander and Patty Murray, the main Democrat on the Senate Education Committee, estimated that the changes would mean that the 555,000 additional students will Qualify for Peec grants each year and 1.7 million students will Qualify to receive the maximum Pe Pell Award each year. Around $ 1.3 billion in capital loans owed to the federal government Through historically black colleges and universities, it is being forgiven as part of the budget agreement.

The expansion of financial aid eligibility and increased grant levels are particularly important for low-income students, many of whom struggle to afford the university. The changes are also important because it is unlikely that the Congress will assume a rewriting of the main Higher Education Law of the Nation, the Law on Higher Education, at any time, said Justin Draeger, president of the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators .

Congress negotiators apparently eliminated a proposal from a bipartisan group of legislators last week to extend the suspension of student loan payments until April. The Moratorium won on January 1, but the Betsy Devos Secretary of Education extended last month until February 1.

 However, the bill also extends a provision that allows employers to contribute up to $ 5,250 tax-free to student loans from their employees for another five years. The fiscal incentive, included in the Law of Cares, was established to expire at the end of the year.   "This is a victory for employees, who get help to pay their student loans," said the Republican Senate, Whith John Thune, who originally sponsored a bill that He created the fiscal incentive with the Democratic Senator Mark Warner, "and it is a victory for employers, as they seek to attract and retain talented workers." Thune said on the floor of the Senate.   Ashley Harrington, Federal Defense Director and Senior Advice for the Responsible Loan Center, ruined the decision not to continue excusing borrowers. Encourage employers to make payments "benefit borrowers who work for a generous employer," he said. "Many borrowers do not have that luxury, especially now."   Relief of Covid-19 to higher institutions represents only one splinter of $ 120 billion associations representing schools and universities. It requires half of the financing that is spent on emergency aid to fight against students, as well as the financing of the Law of Cuidads approved in April. Part of $ 82 billion in additional aid for all education, universities and universities are obtaining a Smaller slice than in the care law.  

To reach an agreement on Coronavirus's relief, which will also send the Americans a stimulus of $ 600 verify and extend the improved unemployment benefits: Democrats also agreed to reserve t

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