Sewanee: The University of the South ended the part in the autumn semester with 16 positive cases among the students.

The University of Liberal Arts in Tennessee accredits its relatively low case numbers to Covid required weekly. Tests for approximately 1,600 students on campus combined with a "bubble" approach that forbidden students from leaving campus, except essential activities, such as medical appointments. The students had to formally request the approval of the Dean Office of the students for any trip off the campus, and a student who caught violating the rules by breaking the bubble and leaving the campus without permission, or housed a guest from outside the Campus would have to leave campus to quarantine for two weeks and be removed before rejoining the bubble.

Throughout the semester, 26 students were sent home for two weeks for infractions related to the bubble. Lauren Goodpascter, Dean Assistant Campus Life, said Sewanee tried to increase entertainment options on campus and make the needs of students. The food trucks were taken to the campus. Campus officials negotiated with restaurants that are not normally offered to provide delivery to students. Twice, weekly, Walmart runs through the life staff on campus, was provided to student orders. GOODPASTER said the university departure club also increased the number of outdoor trips she offered on the 13,000-acre campus of college.

"We are a university of residential liberal arts at the top of a mountain plateau in a rural setting," said David Shipps, the Vice President of Sewanee for risk management. "You can not ask for a better set of circumstances to try to create a bubble, which was essentially destined to reduce the risk of introducing the virus on campus. That's where we focus our efforts over the semester."

is convinced that it worked. Apart from the required Covid tests of students, Sewanee offered voluntary tests for employees who wanted it; A total of 24 teachers and staff proved positive in the course of the semester.

"Like so many other institutions, we had a bit of uncertainty, and we all wanted to finish the semester together on campus," Shipps said. "But there was a lot of uncertainty in August, it seems that a long time ago, but it was not."

With the semester of drawing at a closure, and many universities celebrated the instruction in person before the day of Thanksgiving: University leaders are starting to share stories of what they think they worked well this past semester to keep Covid propagated on the campuses under control.

Schools No doubt had very different degrees of success to keep the virus in control, and luck, no doubt, played a role in the different. They are going to schools. It is difficult to make inter-institutional comparisons, no less important because it is impossible to make precise statements about the prevalence of the disease in those colleges that did not carry out frequent tests, based on broad.

The semester began inauspicely when Carolina University of North Chapel Hill, in front of a group of cases that all filled their quarantine rooms, told students who moved from the bedrooms and changed the Classes online approximately one week after the semester began. Throughout the semester, there we are re-announcements of the universities on temporary or semi-annual shifts to a quarantined remote or quarantine learning. Others stayed the course for learning in person, even when they reported high number of active cases.

Other schools reported comparatively fewer cases numbers, or even, at least one instance, without cases at all. A theme that became increasingly apparent in the course of the semester in research and anecdotal accounts is the importance of frequent tests to identify cases before they can fuel outbreaks.

Connecticut College, a liberal arts institution, tested students twice weekly and faculty and staff over one or twice a week depending on

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