Secretary Devos announces new funds to accelerate education innovation and train teachers with Professional development Options December 15, 2020 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576, Press @
  • WASHINGTON - EE Education Secretary . UU Betsy Devos announced today $ 185 million in new grant funds for 28 schools, higher education institutions and non-profit organizations in the United States as part of the Education Innovation and Research Program (EIR). These new grant awards will accelerate locally driven innovation and improve academic achievements for high-needs students throughout the country.

    This year's financing supports a new innovative effort to empower teachers to personalize their Professional development, instead of tap imposed by their state or school District. More than $ 72 million in new funds will help develop systems to allow teachers to select Professional learning Options that meet their personal development needs, at no cost to teachers and beyond the training of a single size that is typically offered by the school system.

    "I have clearly listened to classroom teachers from all over the country: Professional development of teachers is broken, and teachers know how to fix it," said Secretary Devos. "They encourage me that these new grants will be used to empower teachers to choose their own Professional learning and recognize that teachers should have the ability to choose the right direction for Professional growth. When empowering teachers to do what they know It is best, teachers benefit, and students also do. "In addition to promoting the Empowerment of the Master, the 28 Awards help perform other key priorities of the administration, including:

  • over $ 79 million to grants that serve rural areas,
  • of more than $ 66 million to grants focused on education, technology, engineering and mathematics (including computer science), and < / li>
  • More than $ 77 million to Social and Emotional Support Subsidies Learning Projects (SEL).

    The EIR program is authorized in Section 4611 of the Law on Primary and Secondary Education (ESEA), as amended by all students who are successful (ESA). Its purpose is to create, develop, implement, replicate, replicate, replicate or take business innovation, based on evidence to improve student achievement. As with all the grant competitions of the Department of Education, requests undergo a blind assessment by a panel of independent peer reviewers, and only higher scoring requests are financed. For additional information about EIR competition, visit

    A complete list of the awarded is below: Name Status Award Quantity Type of Project

    Alaska University Fairbanks


    $ 7,999,712

    £ 8,000,000

    Wested / P>

    Socialmational Learning

    New Teacher Center

    ca < / p>

    $ 7,998,782

    Emotional social learning

    University of Southern California


    $ 7,998,815

    Orange County School Superintendent


    $ 3,964,304


    American Institutes for Research


    $ 7,999,777

    Socialmational Learning

    Global Promise Digital


    $ 3,996,372

    Duval County Public Schools


    $ 3,502,713

    Miami-Dade County School Board


    $ 12,000,000 < p> teacher p D

    Native Native Americans EARCH and EDUCATION FOUNDATION INC


    $ 3,568,382




    $ 10,492,565

    Professor PD

    Ohio Valley Educational cooperative


    $ 3,999,633




    $ 3,996,263


    jobs for the future, inc

    District  Professional  Options 

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