U.S. Department of Education Dade to the FSA Partner Connect Portal at the Annual Training Conference December 1, 2020 Contact: (202) 401-1576, Press@ed.gov
  • Washington - Today, during its 2020 virtual training conference for Financial aid professionals, the Office of the US Department of Education UU Office of Federal Student Aid (department) of the Department of Education (FSA) converted its latest update to the US Secretary of Education. UU The initiative of the next FSA gene of Betsy Devos: The Portal of the FSA Partner Connect. The site, announced by the Director of Operations of the FSA, Mark A. Brown, will consolidate the tools that institutions and other partners are used in a single digital platform.

    "A few years ago, we propose to transform the federal student aid to function as a world-class Financial institution and better serve our customers," said Secretary Devos. "We have done a tremendous progress on that goal, and student aid borrowers have more resources, tools and information at their disposal than ever. With today's announcement of the new portal, we are taking another important step to make it interact with FSA. A better and easy-to-use experience for Financial aid professionals who work as difficult to ensure that students have the resources they need to continue with their higher education goals. "

    FSA Partner Connect will be launched in March 2021 and will include an easy-to-use control panel with aerodynamic operating information per year, notifications related to the specific school activities of a partner, and the ability to track interruptions Scheduled system. The new site will have links to frequently visited the department's systems and sites and include a new knowledge center to replace the information for Financial aid professionals (IFAP).

    added brown ", the FSA CONCENT partner portal is an important step we are taking to fulfill the next promise of the gene for postsecondary institutions and other critical partners. Federal Help for students is working to understand and address the pain points of our partners with their federal student aid experience in the same way we do with our customers. 'Experience ".

    In addition to a new look and design, the Knowledge Center will be easy to navigate and will have improved search capabilities. Centralized training and guidance for Financial aid professionals will include a help manual for redesigned and interactive federal students, with an easy-to-navigate content table and an improved search function.

    "today's revelation of the FSA partner portal. Follow a commitment that I made less than a year ago to help reduce the administrative burden of Financial aid professionals to more than 5,600 postsecondary schools throughout the World, which allows them to meet the students, "Brown said.

    Since then Brown's commitment, FSA formed the Partner Experience Council, a group of more than 100 people representing post-secondary schools, federal loan administrators and state agencies that provide related services With the help of federal students. FSA has worked closely with the Council to carefully analyze how partners use departmental systems and obtain a deeper understanding of the daily processes and Financial aid procedures of the partners. This interactive approach provides an opportunity for FSA to address pain points and partner challenges and develop tools and resources that provide intuitive, effective and integrated experience.

    The attendees at the FSA Virtual 2020 training conference can see a preview demonstration of the associated portal at the Resource Center for the Conference, and in the coming months, FSA will continue to gathering comments from the associated community To design and test the portal for future improvements after the March release of 2021.

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