U.S. Department of Education announces an important settlement with the Temple University for Fox School of Business School Rankings & World Report Business School rankings December 4, 2020 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576, Press @ ed .gov
  • Washington - US Secretary Betsy Devos announced Today a settlement agreement with Temple University so the department alleges that they are false representations for the news and the US World Report. UU to reinforce the annual classification of the school in the annual NEWS College ranking. The research of the department noticed the alleged presentation of false information of the Fox Business School and Management of Temple ("Fox School") to News and the US World Report. UU Between 2014 and 2018.

    "We know that many students trust the classifications to make decisions, and in this case, students presented deliberately falsified information by the Fox School of Temple," said Secretary Devos. "It has been our commitment since the first day to celebrate all institutions of higher education, non-profit, owners and public, responsible for the same rules and to ensure that students are protected from bad actors who cheat students about The quality of its education programs.. Fraud can happen anywhere, and fraud should be arrested Everywhere. "

    Because students are significantly based on news and the US World Report. UU and other quality rankings of the educational program of third parties in the election of education institutions and suppliers, the Department alleges that Fox school knowingly and intentionally presented false information to artificially inflate your US news. UU and world report rankings for online MBA and other programs. The department further alleges that Fox School then meets knowingly and intentionally false classifications many thousands of times through online portals, social networks, buses and kiosks, signs of billboard, and ads at the airport terminals, in The train stations, in magazines, in newspapers, and on television and radio. The Department maintains that this know-how, intentionally, and students are substantially deceived on the classifications of the Fox School Program and erroneously increase their registration and income.

    According to the terms of the settlement agreement, Temple will pay a $ 700,000 fine, but it does not admit any responsibility or bad face. Temple cooperated fully with the research of the Department and affirms that, after determining that the inaccurate data had been sent to News and the US World Report. UU, chained to provide inaccurate information in 2018, withdrew its MBA online and some other programs From the ranking consideration for 2018, and implemented significant measures to ensure that the erroneous data is not repeated.

    This research was directed by the Office of the Department of the General Council and the Federal Student Aid.

    A copy of the settlement agreement is linked here.

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