Thomas Brennan, Assistant Professor of Physical Science at Ferris State University, has been licensed by making controversial and offensive comments on Covid-19 and other sensitive issues on social networks and during a faculty zoom meeting and personal.

Your comments rejected the idea that the N-Word should not be used and expressed in doubt about the reality of the atomic bomb and the landing of the Moon. While the teachers' speech regularly establishes controversies, Brennan's comments were unusually inflammatory.

David L. Eisler, president of the University, said in a letter on Monday of Campus that an investigation is being carried out and was released after "the university learned of racist, antisemitic and homophobic insults made on Twitter that seem to be published by Thomas Brennan. "

" Individually and collectively, we were surprised and indignated by these tweets. They are extremely offensive and execute against the values ​​of our university and our commitment to diversity, the Equity and inclusion, "Eisler wrote. "Our students, teachers, staff and members of the community are upset and offended by these comments, and should be. As reported, Dr. Brennan interrupted a zoom meeting of the Faculty of Arts, Science and Education last August. To this expressed by video. And to talk that Covid-19 mortality rates in the United States were exaggerated, and the pandemic and riots were acrobatics on the left. These comments surprised and offended those who attended the meeting. Dean Williams went to this in a message to the faculty and staff of the University, and disciplined Dr. Brennan. "

The University Trustee Board also weighed.

"We stand firmly and proudly with the students, the faculty and staff of the State University of Ferris in denunciation of all shares that reduce, challenge, stereotype or aspersions of rights of rights and the Dignity of people. To do less is to fall short of the values ​​and the commitment of our university to their people and the education it provides, "said the board. <. / p>

Many of the comments that Brennan did on a Twitter account that has now become private. But Brennan issued a public letter that he elaborated and defended his views. His profile of the faculty seems to have been eliminated by the university.

"This controversy began after having made some statements at a meeting of the Faculty Faculty and Science of the Faculty and staff on the Covid-19 pandemic," he wrote. "My statements were the effect that I believe that the Covid-19 pandemia is a trick designed to enslave humanity and deprive ourselves from all our rights and freedoms, I do not think the pandemic is a deception, people have died, but their severity It is being exaggerated by the revolutionary leftists in the media and the government that "never let a good crisis be wasted". The final result of this hysteria, if it is not marked, will be a mandatory vaccine. No one will be allowed in public places or allowed to buy food in a supermarket unless presenting a vaccination test. Initially, this electronic vaccination certificate will be linked to a person's smartphone, but soon it will be, in the form of micro or nanotechnology injectable in the same vaccine. This really happens will be a fulfillment of the beast's brand prophecy, as described by St. John the apostle in the book of Re VELEVATION, CHAPTER 13: 16-17 ".

he added, "I think Bill Nye, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Degrarasse Tyson and Anthony Fauki are human beings, like all of us, but I think they are saying some lies and are part of a system of lies" .

Brennan also directed his social networking publications.

"Let me approach some of these tweets, starting with the one I used the 'N-Word'," he wrote. "I think the 'N-word' is a mental control spell designed to do ourselves to hate each other, I am not racist against blacks, I love them and respect them. But I reject the premise that there are certain magical words that should never be used

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