Richard Gorham (Jobs in Fujian only)

Richard Gorham (Jobs in Fujian only)

Nationality: USA

Location: USA

Proficiency of Chinese: basic level

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Hello everyone, 
 I am an American and also a native English speaker.  I was born in America, attended university here, have a TEFL certification, and have been an ESL teacher in Fuzhou, Fujian China for five years.   After graduating university a Chinese friend of mine from Fuzhou, Fujian China invited me to come with him to his hometown.  I enjoyed spending time there so much when I returned to America I completed a TEFL course and spent five years teaching English there.  Last summer I had to return to America because my mother's health declined.  During the last year I was my mother's primary caregiver until it became necessary for her to live in a nursing home. Now that my mother is in good hands I am anxious to resume teaching English to Chinese students.  Living in Fuzhou, Fujian China was very enjoyable in many ways but the restricted Internet was a constant bother.  I'm excited about the prospects of teaching in Taiwan because the winter is much milder there than in my hometown of Minnesota, the Internet is unrestricted, and I can speak a little Chinese.  Even though I’m not fluent I won’t be nearly as nervous traveling to Taiwan as I was when I first began teaching in Fuzhou when everything was completely new to me. In the past I taught kindergarten in the morning and afternoon at one school and taught teenagers and adults at a different school during evenings.  Many of my previous students told me that I was their favorite teacher and this has always been incredibly rewarding to me personally and my source of motivation.  I always want to push myself so that all of my students find my classes interesting, educational, and useful.   Please contact me for an interview if you are interested in having me join your teaching staff. Sincerely, Richard B. Gorham

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