DeVos Secretary launches new grant competition to Promote Education option for American Indian students July 17, 2020 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • WASHINGTON - secretary of education Betsy DeVos announced a contest to award $ 15 million to promote targeted education tribally - option for native American students. Access options grants Education (ACE) to allow tribes, education or other entities that collaborate with the tribes to configure a variety of options and education services which parents or students can choose.

    "This pandemic is very clear that more adaptable education needs to be student-centered," said Secretary of DeVos. "Tragically, too many Native American students do not have access to a choice of high-quality education that meets their unique needs. The scholarship program ACE helps achieve this for the families of Native Americans in two ways. First, it respects the tribal sovereignty by empowering tribes to select the range of resources to provide students include things like tutoring, educational supplies or technology, and the native language, history or culture courses. in turn, parents and students are empowered to select the system resources that are most suitable for them. I wait to see how this unique program affects the long-term success of native American students. "

    The proposal should include more than one option as education from which parents and students can choose from, including: advanced, corrective and elective courses (including online); learning programs or training; options concurrent or dual enrollment; mother tongue, history, culture or courses; supplementary counseling services; enrollment; summer or after school education programs and student transportation necessary for those specific programs; and many other services relating to education that determines the tribe needed in their community.

    In addition, beneficiaries will be required to establish a process of parent feedback and respond to parental requests for specific services are no longer offered throughout the implementation project. ACE grants cover three years, with two additional years of support available if the project is achieving its objectives. Recipients may use up to the first year of the grant for planning needs, such as recruitment, ensuring service providers for the options provided to students and the development of a method for feedback from parents to reverse charging.

    For more information about this scholarship contest prior to the request for technical assistance opportunities seminar, or for information on how to become a reviewer, please email Bianca Williams in bianca.williams @ or visit / demonstration-scholarships-for-indium-children /.

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