DeVos Secretary Marks 48th anniversary of Title IX June 23, 2020 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • USA Education Secretary Betsy DeVos issued the following statement on the occasion of the anniversary 48 of the Title IX became law:

    "almost half a century ago, a bipartisan coalition in Congress and a Republican president worked together to enact title IX protect all students from discrimination on grounds of sex, because the promise of the law of equal access to education is not and should never be a partisan issue. Today, we are committed as ever to keep that promise .

    "our new rule Title IX shows that the commitment of all students and their safety. It protects them by holding schools accountable for responding to incidents of sexual misconduct, and requires each institution to adopt fair, transparent and reliable processes to deal with complaints of Title IX. This allows survivors of the rule of sexual harassment to ensure that schools take all allegations seriously and are proud of our work on this issue. We will continue to enforce Title IX and ensure that all students are protected from illegal sexual discrimination. "

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